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Etiquette refers to customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
In a recording studio, as with any other organisation, there are proper etiquettes to follow to ensure that things go on smoothly in the studio. These are behaviours that when overlooked, can hamper the smooth running and general output of a recording studio. And in this post, we will be looking at proper recording studio etiquette useful to both staff and visitors to your recording studio.


  1. Turn Off Your Phone
    It is proper etiquette to turn off your phone or make sure it doesn’t ring in the middle of a meeting or recording session.
    The ringing of a phone during a recording session not only distracts everyone, but it can ruin the recording and that could mean a need for a retake. Keeping your cell phone off shows you respect others and yourself as well. In a situation where you’re expecting a very important call and can’t turn off your phone, you should ensure your phone is kept on silence so it doesn’t disturb anyone.
  2. Don’t bring food and drinks to the control room
    As simple as this sounds, it can cause real damage if ignored. Food and drinks can spill on important documents or equipment and cause severe damage to them, and so it should be totally avoided.
    If you get hungry or thirsty while in the recording studio, the proper thing to do is to take a break to snack or drink your coffee or juice outside the studio. That way, you’ll avoid issues that can arise with spills in the studio.
    Also, don’t eat or drink while working or talking with others as it is disrespectful to them.
  3. Show Up on Time
    You shouldn’t keep people waiting for you at the recording studio. Showing up on time as the Studio manager, Audio producer, or as a recording artist booked for a session is an act of respect to others. As much as possible, endeavor to show up at the right time.
  4. Don’t fight or raise your voice at others
    No matter the circumstance or situation, it is totally unethical to fight or raise your voice at others in the recording studio. Fighting, quarrelling and argument is a big no in the studio. Treat people with respect, and speak politely to others. And if you’re aggrieved in any way, the studio is not the right place to engage in a fighting match or word battle.
  5. Respect studio equipment
    You shouldn’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you in the recording studio. As an artist booked for a session in the studio, you shouldn’t tamper with studio equipment. Studio equipment aren’t toys, they’re delicate and should be handled with care.
    Studio equipment shouldn’t be fiddled with in an attempt to fix, mend or improve it without permission from the Studio Manager.
    It is wrong to mess with the settings of equipment as this can cause serious issues with recording.
  6. Set up ahead of time
    It is proper etiquette to set up the studio and equipment ahead of time, so users can have an hitch free recording session. Equipment can decide to act funny and setting up ahead of time can fix any issues that might want to hamper the recording sessions scheduled for the day.
  7. Don’t overstretch breaks
    During recording sessions, a few minutes maybe taken as breaks. It is important to utilize such periods for their purpose and not overstretch them.  You shouldn’t wander off to do your own thing while making others wait for you. Try to return from breaks within the given time so that recording sessions can go smoothly.
  8. Support Others
    As a Studio Manager or Audio Producer, you work with a team of people. And it is important to support your team and give any help you can. Don’t just do your own part and walk away. You might need the help of others at some point, so it’s better to plant a good seed ahead of time.
  9. Obey the Light Indicators
    There are several lights in the studio, and they are used for different purposes and to convey different messages. Ensure you are mindful of the lights, so you don’t trespass. When recording is going on, wait till the light is off before entering.
  10. Respect Space
    Sometimes, a space is marked private and marked for some specific set of people such as vocals, instrumentalists, etc. Such spaces should be respected and you shouldn’t be found there if you don’t have any business there.
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Following recording studio etiquette is important to the smooth running of the studio. These etiquette’s should be practiced so the studio can deliver optimally.

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