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Are you starting out a podcast and wondering just how to source for regular guests for your podcast show? Or are you an established podcaster overwhelmed with the challenge of getting a steady supply of great guests for your podcast? Then this article is for you.

Depending on the format of your podcast, featuring guests on your show is a great source of content for your podcast. And if you choose to stick to an interview format for your podcast, then you’ll have to work on getting new guests for each podcast episode. And this can be challenging if you aren’t looking for guests in the right place.
In this article, we’ll be covering ten surefire ways to help you find guests for your podcast shows.

  1. Your close circle
    For individuals just venturing into the podcast arena, the first place to look for guests for your podcast shows is within your close circle. The people closest to you such as friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family members can be great guests for your podcast.
  2. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a great platform to find guests for your podcast show. Via LinkedIn, you can reach out to anyone who would make a great podcast guest.
  3. Bloggers who create similar content
    Contents such as what you’re offering via your podcast, have other content creators putting it out in other format such as a blog.
    Such bloggers who create similar content to yours can be great guests for your podcast.
  4. Audience poll
    You can ask your podcast audience through a poll about who they would like to hear featured on your podcast. And their answers will present to you many ideas and options of guests you can bring on your podcast.
  5. YouTubers
    Search out YouTube channels that have contents similar to what your podcast is about. Then contact the owners of those channels and feature them on your podcast show as a guest.
  6. Similar podcasts
    Search out similar podcasts to yours and check out the kind of guests they feature. Similar podcasts are podcasts in your niche that share contents like yours. They will give you a lot of inspiration and ideas on who to feature in your next podcast episode.
  7. Research Authors
    Check out authors of books that has to do with your podcast niche to find potential guests for your podcast show.
    New authors are especially open to accept your invitation to be a guest on your podcast as the opportunity will benefit them also by helping them market their books.
  8. Facebook groups
    Facebook groups and other social media communities can be a good platform to get guests for your podcast. But for this to work for you, you have to belong in those communities and be active on them. With this, you get to identify and interact with potential guests you can feature on your podcast.
  9. Cross promotion
    Cross promotion refers to reaching out to hosts of podcasts similar to yours, and offering to be a guest on their podcast. This is a great way to tap into their audience and promote your podcast as well. And by offering to be a guest on their podcast show, they can return the favor by featuring on your podcast.
  10. Reddit
    Reddit is another great platform to source for guests for your podcast.
    You can provide your expertise and contribute quality content to another web site or blog and then connect with others who want to make a guest post on your website.
    People who guest post on your website can be potential guests on your podcast as well.

Featuring guests on your podcast provides engaging and interesting content to your podcast audience. And the resources listed above will help you find great guests for your podcast episodes without stress.

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