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Titles are given to programmes to distinguish them from others and spark the interest of listeners and viewers.
As solid as your TV or radio show might be, a bad title is enough to sink it. And this means that you shouldn’t choose a title for your show carelessly.
Getting a title right is more important than ever given the numerous shows and programmes available to viewers. If you want your show to become a hit, then take due diligence in crafting out an appropriate, captivating title to it.
And in this article, we’ll be looking at ten tips to help you come up with a great and captivating title for your next show.

  1. Keep it Short
    Your show’s title should be short enough for listeners and viewers to commit to memory.
    In a world where many have become so comfortable with shorthand, titles that are too long can be a turn off to viewers.
    A three to five word phase is okay for a title, as viewers might reflexively shortened it themselves if it is too long.
  2. Make it Captivating
    Any title you come up with for your show should be able to capture the attention of listeners and viewers alike. It shouldn’t be too serious as people might perceive it to be boring. Viewers and listeners should want to watch and listen to your show when they hear its title.
  3. Memorable
    People should be able to remember the name of your show easily. The name you choose for your radio or TV show should have a ring to it such that people can quickly remember it when they want to refer it to others.
  4. Distinct
    The title of your programme should be different from that of others. It must not be too similar with others else people might mistake it for another programme.
    Don’t be too generic when choosing a name for your show. Ensure your show’s title doesn’t sound the same as others so viewers would not lose interest in it even before they discover what it is about. Settle on a title that clearly distinguishes your show from others.
  5. Relative
    Your title should be related to what your show is about. It shouldn’t mislead people. Your show’s title should not be completely at odds with your show’s concept and style. Using a horror title for a romantic show is odd and misleading, don’t you think?
  6. Use Humor
    Humor is a great ingredient to spice up your show’s title and draw people to your show. People generally prefer a show laced with humor to a boring one, and injecting humor into your show’s title is a great way to make people perceive your show favorably.
  7. Inspire curiosity
    Let your show’s title want to make people check it out. Put it together in a way that tickles their curiosity. Employ the elements of intrigue and curiosity in your show’s title to make people interested in watching your show.
  8. Keep it Simple
    You don’t have to make use of complex words to coin a title for your show. As much as possible, keep your show’s title simple. You can as well adopt a single-word title as this is not only simple but is strong as well.
  9. Be Specific
    Your title should not be vague such that people have to wonder forever what it is about. Rather, it should be specific and encapsulate the content and tone of your show.
  10. Succinct
    Any title you settle on for your radio or TV show should possess the characteristics of clarity. Your show’s title should be concise such that people  instantly get a vibe for what your show is about.
    It should be straight to the point so people know what to expect from your show.

A catchy title works best in getting the interest of viewers and contributes greatly to the success of your show. The tips above will help you come up with a great title for your next show and  make it the next big thing your audience  won’t stop talking about.

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