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Reasons podcasts fail
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No matter how good you are at presenting on your online radio station, there’s always room to make it better.
There is need to polish your presenting skills from time to time so as to become excellent in your passion.
Admirable presenting skills doesn’t just fall on anyone like ripe cherries, it has to be consciously cultivated on a daily basis, and in every presentation on your online radio station.

To be better at presenting, do the following.

  1. Learn how to have a conversation.
    As simple as this sounds, it’s importance cannot be overemphasized.
    When presenting, you should speak in a conversational style, like a person talking to a friend. Addressing your audience as ‘you’ instead of ‘listeners’ is the way to go, as this gives each of your listeners a connection with you.
  2. Work on your sense of humor.
    Humor needs to be deliberately worked
    on and polished especially if it’s something that doesn’t come to you naturally. No one wants to hang around a boring person, and listeners will be quick to tune out of your station should they find you boring.
    Be enthusiastic when presenting, and have fun.
  3. Be pleasant.
    The rule is to be pleasant when presenting. There is need to be watchful of your manners while presenting on your online radio station. It’s not a place to shout or vent out your frustrations about life. Be polite and have a pleasant personality, and your audience will love you.
  4. Be professional.
    Be on top of your game when presenting on your station. Be professional, speak well and learn how to pronounce words you plan to say rightly. Professionalism while presenting attracts listeners like bees to a honeycomb. No one wants to listen to a tardy show.
  5. Be confident.
    Listeners want to hear a presenter who is confident and knows what he or she is doing. When you’re unsure of yourself, or overly nervous, it sends a message to your listeners that you aren’t worth their time. Be confident, be bold, and be prepared.
  6. Be creative.
    You don’t need to memorize everything you plan to say. You should generate ideas for new on-air material from time to time. It isn’t fun to sound too scripted in every presentation. Let your creative juices flow and add some spice to your online radio station.
  7. Do your research well.
    Be accurate when presenting facts and information on your online radio station.  Be thorough in your research, so you don’t end up misinforming your listeners and breaking their trust.
    Be credible, and do your homework before coming live on your online radio station. Laziness and sloppiness in research is a turn off.
  8. Be engaging.
    Use the medium of storytelling to engage your listeners. Paint pictures with your words. Engage your listeners both mentally and emotionally and get them to participate on your online radio station. In other words, let them ‘feel’ you.
  9. Prepare for each show.
    Don’t just say whatever comes to your mind when in front of the microphone so you don’t land in trouble or embarrass yourself. It’s best to plan your content ahead of time and if possible, rehearse them so you can know how you sound. We’re not saying you need to recite your script word for word, but then you can’t go into a show expecting  everything will turn out well when you have no idea what to say  or do.
  10. Be kind to yourself.
    When you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up for it. Forgive yourself quickly and move on. Don’t let it affect the rest of your show or kill your vibe.
    Learn from your mistakes and practice kindness to yourself.

Becoming a great presenter doesn’t happen in a day. It’s something to be worked on everyday. As you put these tips into practice, it will take you one step closer to the presenter you want to become.

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