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Essential Equipment Video Production
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Live streaming has become very popular lately and individuals, businesses, not-for-profits and both local and international brands have taken the plunge. But there are some pitfalls and mistakes that have set the expert aside from the armatures. And in order to be successful in live streaming, one has to avoid falling into the various ditches associated with live streaming.
For your live stream to meet up to expectations and be excellent, the following pitfalls must be carefully avoided.

  1. Inadequate Preparation
    In life generally, people get more successful in endeavors they prepare for than those they fail to prepare for. And live streaming is no exception.
    Viewers can easily tell when you are not prepared or inadequately prepared for your live stream. Being inadequately or completely unprepared is totally unprofessional. It is wrong to just assume that the right words will come into your mouth at the second you need them.
    Adequate preparation for your live stream helps boost your confidence and make you look professional.
  2. Wrong Focus
    Most times, people make the mistake on focusing on themselves during a live stream instead of focusing on their audience. For a great live stream, ensure you focus on providing your audience with something of value and not just doing whatever you enjoy.
    Provide entertainment, helpful tips, expert advice, and anything that adds value to your audience.
  3. Boring content
    When people click to watch your live stream, they take about a quarter of a minute to decide whether your stream is worth their time or not.
    And when your audience perceive your content as boring, they log out as fast as they can. To avoid this, make your
    live stream interesting.
    Don’t just spout off dry facts or engage in a dry one hour monologue. Make use of humor, excite your audience, insert fun and make your audience look forward to your live stream.
  4. Poor visuals and background colors
    Poor background colors are a huge turn off to your audience. Ensure your background is great before you begin your live stream. Use a background color that complements what you are putting on. Your live stream environment and background should be clean and clear, not shaky on camera.
  5. Poor Quality Audio, Video, or Connection
    The quality of your audio, video and internet connection is crucial to the success of your live stream. Ensure you do your best to give your audience an amazing live video experience. Avoid blurry or dark footage that buffers, as this makes your audience lose interest quickly. Monitor your audio quality and avoid background noise. Make use of a good microphone, camera and ensure you’re connected to a stable internet before you commence your live stream.
  6. Dark lighting
    Dark lighting is bad for your live stream as it makes it difficult for people to see you. And when people can’t see what you’re live streaming, it dims their interest, and serves as a huge turn off.
    In a situation where your natural lighting is less than perfect, it is best to make available alternative lighting system to light up your live stream.
    Ensure you invest in your lighting as you don’t want to look sloppy to your audience. Get flash stands, selfie lights, ring lights and any other kind of light that makes your live stream pop.
  7. Failure to Promote Your Live Stream
    Putting together great and interesting content for your live stream is good.
    But for your live stream to fulfill it’s purpose, it has to reach the category and number of people for which it is intended. And for this to happen, there has to be aggressive promotion for your live stream so it can pull in the kind of audience you desire it to.

It is important to be on top of your game during a live stream. Care must be taken to avoid the common pitfalls that comes with live streaming so you can have a reputation for producing excellent live streams that has your audience coming back for more.

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