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Mobile app for TV
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Mobile Apps have become increasingly popular, and many TV stations have presented mobile apps to their audience to help them stream at their convenience.
Several popular TV shows now have a mobile app built for them and this has helped to expand viewers experience, promote these shows and TV production in general.
Here are some reasons why you should consider having a mobile app for your TV Station.


  1. Mobile Access
    Having a mobile app for your TV show or station makes content available to your viewers anytime and anywhere.
    Viewers can now access your TV programme at their own convenience.
  2. Generation of Feedback
    Development of a mobile app for your station or for selected TV shows is a very good way to generate feedback from your viewers. You generate feedback from observing viewers interaction with your app.
  3. Bigger Community
    Mobile apps helps to build a community of fans through social media. Social media connections can be built into your app in a way that encourages users to invite their friends to watch your contents. And before you know it, your fans would be multiplied.
  4. Income through subscriptions
    Building a mobile app for your TV station and shows also presents a decent way to generate income through paid subscriptions. You can offer a subscription only channel or make your app a freemium model that takes away ads when subscription is paid.
  5. Notifications
    With Mobile apps, you can send notifications to your viewers about upcoming episodes and new series of their favorite shows.
    Notifications informs your viewers and ensures that they don’t miss your next episode and helps you keep your audience.
  6. Acquire new Viewers
    When your fans share your contents with their friends and family, your mobile app gets more downloads and users. This increases your fan base and viewers.
  7. Availability of Old contents
    Old episodes and seasons of your TV Shows can be made available to viewers through your mobile app. This feature isn’t available on TV generally except that particular show is replayed to viewers. Viewers can get to watch episodes they previously missed and re-watch old streams as many times as they desire to.
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Mobile apps can bring to your TV audience much value, and there are two ways to go about this.
You can decide to make a mobile app for steaming all your channel’s content.
Or you can make a mobile app for your hit shows, and test the waters with this to see how viewers respond to this.
Having an app for your most popular TV products is cheaper and helps you connect with the majority of your TV audience.
Whichever way you choose to go about it, mobile apps increases your broadcast range both in terms of geography and audience demographics and you should go for it.

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Interested in building a mobile app for your TV Station, or your most popular TV shows? CLICK HERE to get started.



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