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Essential Equipment Video Production
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To make a professional quality video, you need some equipment to help you. And the quality of your equipment determine the quality of your video.
Whether you’re trying to produce a video for your next live stream, or podcast, here are eight basic equipment to help you with the process. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it can help you get started on your video production.

  1. Camera
    Of course, this comes first in the list.
    A professional camera is required to capture amazing images. Your smartphone camera can be used for filming as well, but the quality of its output will certainly be different from what a professional camera will produce.
    You need a full-frame mirrorless video camera to make great videos. There are many options to choose from depending on the quality and frame rate you desire.
  2. Tripod
    A tripod is a three-legged stand or mount for your camera. When you mount your camera on a tripod, it helps to keep it stabilized so as to avoid shaky images while recording your video.
  3. Lighting
    For your video to come out right, you need proper and adequate lighting system. There are different types of lights available to improve the quality of your videos including shadows, foreground and background lighting.
    You can get amazing lighting for your videos within your budget, but ensure your lighting doesn’t produce shadows and isn’t too harsh.
  4. Capture Cards
    Capture cards allows your computer to process the data from your camera. A capture card is a necessary video production gear especially if your plan on live streaming.
  5. External Microphones
    When filming anything that contains speech, you need your audio quality to be at its best. Your phone or video camera microphone may not capture the kind of high quality sound you desire, hence the need to get an external microphone.
  6. Video Production and Editing Software
    To edit your videos, you’ll need a software to help you with that. DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, iMovie are some of the video production softwares that can help you edit your videos as quickly as possible.
  7. Memory cards
    A high capacity memory card with 64GB or more allows you shoot long videos. Ensure you go for a quality memory card with a high read and write speed. But if you plan to shoot longer videos, then get a memory card of at least 128GB or more.
  8. Dummy Battery
    A dummy battery is an important gear for video production. When shooting a live stream or long videos, the battery of your camera can drain out while you’re still recording and this can disrupt the whole video production process. A way to prevent this from happening is to get a dummy battery ahead of time so you don’t have to be bothered about your battery level when shooting.
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The quality of your videos determines your success in the live streaming industry. It sets the experts apart from the armatures and gives viewers an amazing experience with your content. Invest in the right video production equipment and thank yourself later for it.

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