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The need to belong in a community is intrinsic in every human. People want to be a part of a social group because of their inherent need of belonging. This innate desire stems from the fact that humans are social beings who need to interact with others on a regular basis.

Creating a podcast community for your listeners is a great way to fulfill this need in your listeners, thereby making them part of something valuable.
A podcast community presents incredible benefits for both the host and listeners. And in this article, we’ll be covering eight reasons and immense rewards of having a podcast community.

  1. Fosters Relationship
    Creating a podcast community is a great way to build and sustain a relationship between the host and the listeners. A podcast community helps listeners fulfill the need to belong,
    and both the host and listeners will benefit from this relationship.
  2. It Provides a Medium for Feedback
    In your community, you can ask for opinion, ideas and comments. You can as well create an audience poll to find out about their needs and what and who they would like to see featured in your next podcast episode. Without an established community around your podcast, feedback generation is difficult and sometimes, non-existent.
  3. It Establishes your Authority in your
    A large and growing social community of listeners around your podcast established you as an authority in your niche. It indirectly passes the message that you are an expert, someone who is worth listening to, someone who others trust in your given niche. And that can open up the door of numerous opportunities for you.
  4. Listeners Engagement
    A strong podcast community also helps to keep your listeners engaged. Information shared, discussions and reviews carried out in your podcast community helps to keep them engaged from time to time. Listeners get engaged in your online podcast community by getting to share their own tips, ideas, experiences, and stories.
  5. It attracts new listeners
    People are generally attracted to established communities because of their inherent need to belong. Also, new listeners are attracted to a community of like minded people, and this will result in an increase in your listeners base.
  6. Avenue to Communicate Information and Value
    An established community presents the podcaster the platform to share information related to the podcast, such as release date of new episodes, new developments, live events coming up, etc.
  7. It can serve as a Promotional tool
    Your online podcast community is a great platform to promote your podcast and your other products and services, such as books, live streams, flash sales, coaching and consultation, etc.
  8. Promote your image and brand
    Your online podcast community promotes your image and brand. Listeners spread words to others about your podcast because of the fulfillment they get from the community.
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A podcast with an established online community will never lack listeners. As a host, your community helps boost your self confidence and reminds you on a daily basis that you are adding value to others through your podcast. And whether you’re new to the world of podcasting or you’ve already been at it for some time, it’s best to build an online community around your podcast. As this is somewhere both you and your listeners can call home.


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