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Starting your podcast is a great step to seeing your dreams fulfiled. But just immediately, the question comes up about how to get people to discover your podcast.
Making your podcast discoverable to potential listeners is a very important aspect of podcasting. A podcast can never fulfill it’s intended purpose if nobody listens to it.
And as a newbie in the podcast industry, we’ve got some tips to help you increase your podcast visibility so that potential listeners can easily discover your podcast. And if you’ve been a podcaster for a while too, you’ll find these tips valuable as well.

  1. Create Worthwhile Content
    The first step to visibility is not to put yourself out to be seen. Rather, it lies in  making your podcast worth finding. It would be a total waste of time if you work so hard to improve your visibility, only for potential listeners to find your content shallow and shabby.
    Take some time to assess your content objectively. Ask yourself some important questions. Will your listeners feel fulfilled or irritated when they listen to you? Is your podcast really worth their time? Is your podcast at it’s best?  To measure the quality of your podcast, ensure you don’t appraise it alone. Get feedback on the value of your pocast from your trusted friends and family, and work on whatever needs improvement and polishing.
  2. Transcribe Your Podcast
    Transcribing your podcast helps to make it easier for people to discover your podcast. When people search for a podcast on the web, the search engine gets to work immediately. But search engines need text to successfully index content, and that’s where the benefit of transcribing your podcast lies.
    When you create written content for your podcast, it optimizes it
    discoverability on the web.
  3. Let Your Content Be Consistent
    Consistency in putting out your podcast contents sets up your podcast for greater visibility.
    Have a schedule for your podcast content and follow it strictly. Record your podcast episodes at least a day ahead to take care of any surprise hitch.
    A podcast with consistent content is more likely to be discovered than one that shows up once in a while with random content.
  4. Create A Website
    Creating a website for your podcast helps improve your chances of your podcast being discovered by potential listeners. But ensure your website is kept fresh with information and updated regularly.
  5. Guest Podcasting
    Make yourself available as a guest for other podcasts, especially those within your niche.
    This positions you to be discovered by other listeners who already have an interest in your topic. And this will in-turn increase your listeners’ base.
  6. Send out Newsletters
    Newsletters and emails are great for increasing your podcast visibility. Regularly send details of your podcast to your email list. Send weekly or monthly newsletters about your upcoming podcast series and episodes to potential listeners.
  7. Engage In Social Media Promotion
    More than half of the world’s population now uses social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Tittok, now boast of millions of daily and committed users.
    With half of the world using social media, you would be cheating yourself if you don’t leverage on social media to promote your podcast.
  8. Close Circle Promotion
    Don’t estimate the power of your close circle to help increase your podcast visibility. Encourage your friends and family to tell others about your podcast. Encourage them to post reviews and comments about your podcast and also promote your upcoming episodes via their social media handles.

The visibility of your podcast matters a lot to your success as a podcaster.
The tips above will take you a step closer to your potential listeners, and convert them to loyal fans of your podcast.

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