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Having guests on your radio shows is great. It provides a different kind of content to your listeners, and take the burden of talking off you for a while.
But it can be challenging sometimes to come up with interview questions for your guests. And this is exactly what this article is all about. We’ll be covering ten best Interview question to ask your radio guests.


  1. How did you end up in your career/ business/ role/ industry?
    This is a great question to open your interview. And it gives your guest the opportunity to tell their story with their own mouth. This question helps your listeners get familiar with your radio guest and the storytelling it entails can help to attract new listeners just tuning into your station for the first time.
  2. What are the support systems you enjoyed on your journey to the top?
    People want to know how a successful person went about it, and this question answers the curiosity in the heart of your listeners.
  3. What keeps you awake at night?
    With this question, you get your radio guest talking about what he is passionate about. It gets your guest talking about what makes them tick, and you can be sure your listeners will find it interesting and educative.
  4. What problem would you like to see solved on the world?
    This question showcases the human feelings of your guest, and shows that they are also concerned about the problems of the society and world at large.
  5. What personal values are the most important to you?
    This question gives your listeners a glimpse into the personal values that helped your guest attain the position they are presently. Values are important in life, and discussing about them is great for your radio interview.
  6. What do you do to keep on improving yourself?
    This question gives your radio guest the opportunity to talk about the systems and process he or she has used over time to develop himself. Here, listeners get a glimpse into the life of your guest and learn about the books, courses, mentorship and other things that has made your guest into a better person. It is a great question to ask your radio guest because your listeners get to learn so they can apply the same to themselves.
  7. What is your favorite quote?
    This is an interesting question to ask your radio guest any day, anytime.
    Favorite quotes can be educative, motivational or even funny. And the uniqueness of this question can make your radio interview more interesting.
  8. Tell us about a time you felt like quitting and what motivated you to continue
    It’s great to talk about passion, drive and success. But your guests story wouldn’t be complete if they don’t get to talk about their struggles and the hardships they faced on their way to the top. This question helps your listeners connect with your radio guest and see them as human and not just as a celebrity. Also, your guest talking about a time they felt like giving up injects deeper emotions into your radio Interview.
  9. Who are the three people who have been the most influential to you?
    This question gives your guests the opportunity to talk about anyone who has influenced their lives along the way. Here, they get to talk about mentors, family relatives, coaches, teachers or anyone that has helped shaped them into what they are today.
  10. What advice can you give someone who is just starting out in a career/business/profession similar to yours?
    This is a question that is directly targeted at providing your listeners with top notch value. Your audience, especially those in similar roles and careers would hold their breath as they listen to this answer to this question.

Asking the right questions from your radio guests is imperative to the success of your radio show. Listeners can sit back and enjoy maximum value from your interview show, and your radio guest will have a fulfilled session on your show. This gives you a win-win situation on your hands, and what could be better than that?

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