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Do you desire to start a podcast and you’re wondering what content you should focus on? You want to stand out among the many podcasts available, but you need an idea that both interest you and your audience at the same time?
In this post, we’ve put together ten podcast themes to help you get started with your podcast. But first, there are some factors to consider before choosing a Podcast topic for yourself.



-Identify what interests you.
As an individual, there are issues that interests you, there are things you’re naturally passionate about. They stand at the forefront of your heart and it is best to identify them and create your Podcast contents around them. Get a pen and pad, and make a list of them.

-Identify your reason for starting a podcast.
It is pertinent to ask yourself the reason you desire to make a podcast, as this will help you determine the kind of content to go for.
Do you love talking, or making people laugh? Or do you intend to attract customers to your business or share advise to people? Identify your reason, your core motivation and you will definitely know what kind of content idea is best suited to you.



-Identify what questions you’ll like to answer.
Are there any questions you want to answer? Maybe you want people to know the best stocks to invest in, or how to succeed in single parenting.
You can focus your Podcast on the questions you’ll like to give and find answers to.


  1. Travel
    People love to travel the world and visit new places. And this is a topic you can center your podcast on.
    You can interview travelers in your podcast, giving them an avenue to share their experiences. And you can also talk about your personal travel experiences. You can decide to focus your Travel Podcast on a particular country or a particular region of the world.
  2. Finance
    You can decide to focus your Podcast contents on helping people manage their money. Your target audience could be students, newlyweds, single parents, NGO’S, Churches or some other group of people.
  3. Romance
    The subject of romance is one that can never lack listeners. You can focus on providing nuggets of wisdom to help people in their romantic relationships, or target a specific group of people such as people living with disability, newlyweds, divorcees, single moms, etc, and cater for their romantic issues.
  4. Comedy
    Are you a comedian? Do you enjoy making people laugh? Then focus your podcast content on providing comedy.
  5. Coaching
    Here, you can pick a niche, like graphic design, writing, etc, and coach others through your podcast. You can provide
    advise and offer tips to help your audience.
  6. Questions and answers
    You can focus your Podcast on asking questions and finding answers to them.
    You can ask listeners to write and send you questions before the show, then answer them in a podcast.
  7. Pets
    If you are a lover of pets, you can make a podcast with tips and advice for caring for them.
    There are so many pets like dogs, cats, birds, tarantulas, turtles, fish, etc. And  when you discuss them, you can be sure your audience will find you.
  8. Documentary
    This type of podcast includes recording audio interviews. This style requires you to discuss with others, especially experts in a field and finding what they have to say about a specific object of interest.
  9. Book review
    You can decide to review books by yourself or with a guest in your podcast. You can focus on a specific genre of books like biographies, romance, suspense,
  10. Educational contents for kids
    You can also focus on creating educational contents for kids to help them study. You can develop these contents for a specific age group like ten-year-olds or twelve-year-olds. But ensure you meet the needs of a specific target audience.

Getting a topic for your new podcast doesn’t have to be difficult.
Explore the ideas above and get started on your new podcast.

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