Radio app Nov 26, 2021

Are you interested in building a mobile app for your online or terrestrial radio station? And you're wondering what features you need to integrate into your app? Then you're in the right place.
In this post, we will be looking at ten essential features your radio mobile app should have.

    This is the first feature every radio app must have. Listeners should be able to access your station anytime and anywhere from your mobile app.
    Your streaming should be of high quality and it should also be able to stream in the background.
    Ability to stream in the background means that listeners should not have to keep your app open to keep listening to your station. They should be able to listen while still being able to do other things on their mobile phones.
    When listeners open your app and begin listening to your station, they would want to have some background information about any song you're playing. Your radio mobile app should feature song information such as song name, album name, year it was produced and other vital information about any music you put on your station.
    You can as well integrate links to Goggle Play stores or iTunes for listeners to purchase that song if they so desire. And this can be a wonderful way to earn affiliate revenue from your radio mobile app.
    To increase your radio station brand's appeal, including podcast as a feature in your radio app is the way to go. It prolongs the time users spend on your app and make them want to go back to it over and over again. Listeners favor radio apps that offer additional content over those that stream alone and podcasts are a great source of content to offer your listeners.
    Your radio mobile app should have push notifications as one of its features.
    A push notification refers to a message that pops up on a listeners mobile device, even when the app generating that notification isn't currently being used.
    Push notifications enables you to send messages directly to your listeners to keep them informed about coming events, live contests, concerts or other time sensitive information. Notifications presents a way for you to engage with your listeners even when they aren't tuned into your broadcast.
    Your radio mobile app should feature contact methods. This provides a way for you to stay connected with your audience and interact with your listeners. Your app should link back to your social media pages and should feature feedback platforms such as listeners calling in or sending a message to your station. You should also connect your app to your website.
    This is an important feature of a radio station app. A radio app should be built in a way that supports different operating systems of various users. This means that your radio station app should support the Android user as well as the iOS operating system.
    It is frustrating for users to discover that their mobile operating system does not support your radio station app. Therefore, it is recommended to build your app in a way that is supported by at least two mobile operating systems for greater reach.
    Your radio mobile app should feature opportunities for you to reel in digital revenue.
    It should feature adverts that your listeners might be interested in. It can also feature your station's sponsors, if you have any.
    People should be able to get news stories from your radio mobile app. People generally love news, and your mobile app should feature this. It will improve user's experience with your app, increase the time they spend using your app, and provide news that relate to your station, sports news, concerts, local events, and other general news users might be interested in.
    This is an important feature of a radio app. Your listeners should be able to share the contents of your radio station to their friends and family through a social sharing platform.
    When listeners share your contents, it increases your audience base and also get others to download your app. You would want to feature a social sharing
    platform in your app so that listeners can help market your contents for you.
    A program guide shows your listeners what is coming up in your station. It helps them know which programme is coming next and when.
    It keeps them engaged on your app and makes them anticipate programmes ahead of time.

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