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best radio guest interview questions
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Live streaming is a great way for your brand to establish a formidable online presence. It connects you to new audiences and it connects you with your viewers in a way that a radio broadcast cannot.
Live streaming helps you create a personal relationship with your target audience and it is something to be taken seriously.
In this article, we’ll be looking at ten helpful tips for an excellent live stream experience.


  1. Make a good first impression
    Imagine you have just fifteen seconds to capture a viewer’s attention and make a good first impression. You wouldn’t want to waste that, would you?
    You can start with a short story or a captivating punch line, before going ahead to introduce yourself to your viewers. Don’t ramble on about nothing
    Most viewers have a short attention span, and don’t stick around for too long to listen to everything you have to say. So you need to make the first few seconds count so they can watch your live stream to the end.
  2. Have a Script
    Write a script ahead of time about everything you wish to talk about and follow it. This is not to say you can’t be spontaneous, but then you have to take extra care so you don’t go off track and end up missing the important point of your video.
  3. Speak clearly
    Don’t rush when speaking. Let your words come out clear, and be mindful of how you pronounce words.
    Be loud enough, but don’t scream.
  4. Dress well
    When live streaming, it is of utmost importance to dress well. Good dressing endears your viewers to you and makes you feel more confident when live streaming. In dressing well for the camera, it is important to take note of the following.
    – Be aware of proper color combination.
    – Not all colors go together. Wear colors that complement each other.
    – Be comfortable in your outfit. Don’t wear something too tight fitting to the extent that breathing becomes difficult.                                                                        – Avoid bold patterns or striped shirt. This might shake on camera and have a distracting effect on your viewers.                                                                                  – Do not wear a shirt the color of your video background.                                        – Wear moderate make up and jewelry.                                                                        – Keep your hair away from your face.
  5. Wear a smile.
    Don’t be too serious. Smiling while speaking into the camera can boost your mood and make you sound more friendly. Smiling is a simple action but it is effective in endearing your viewers to you. And to top it up, you might just get your viewers smiling too because smiling can be infectious.
  6. Look into the camera
    Make sure you’re looking directly into the camera, and not sideways or at your feet. When live streaming, you should look directly into the webcam and not at your reflection. Looking into your camera helps you bond with your viewers because it makes them feel connected to you.
  7. Be mindful of your language
    Avoid using curse words or offensive slangs. Don’t refer to any one in a derogatory manner. Watch what you say at the middle of your live stream because you don’t know who might be watching. And as much as you want to sound friendly, don’t cross the line into vulgar language.
  8. Test your equipment ahead of time
    Test your audio and video equipment ahead of time to be sure they aren’t faulty. You can have a short recording and then play it to see how it sounds and looks.
    Adjust your camera settings to give out a high quality video and ensure your background looks great.
  9. Adhere to simple etiquette
    There are things you shouldn’t do during a live stream. Viewers tend to label you as unprofessional when you don’t adhere to basic camera etiquette.
    When live streaming, you should take note of the following.
  • Don’t sneeze into the camera
  • Don’t bite your nails or pick your teeth with your fingers.
  • Don’t scratch your head or hair.
  • Don’t yawn into the camera. Cover your yawn with a handkerchief.
  • Don’t wipe your sweat with the back of your hand. It’s simply unprofessional. Dab at your sweat with an handkerchief.
  • Don’t take snacks or chew a gum while live streaming.

10. Constantly check your sound.
Be sure your audio is on all through your live stream. You shouldn’t be too focused on how you look on camera and forget to turn on your sound. Remember that a live stream is only meaningful when your viewers can hear what you are saying.

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