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live streaming tips
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Live streaming presents a lot of potential to connect with your audience and share your content. It is an excellent way to promote your brand, products, services, ideas or yourself.
But the liberty live streaming presents shouldn’t be abused in any way.
There are things one shouldn’t do or say during a live streaming. And this post will mention some of them.


  1. Don’t cuss at people or swear at your fans.
    Sometimes, comments comes in from fans during a live stream, and some of these comments can contain abusive words and offensive remarks.
    When this happens, there is the temptation to retaliate and lash out in anger.
    What most people don’t realize is that some fans or viewers intentionally mean to provoke by their comments, and when you curse or swear at them, then you’re acting out a script they’ve written in their heads.
    If at all you need to respond to such disturbing comments, then be professional about it. Or otherwise, ignore it and focus on your life stream.
  2. Don’t degrade a rival product or service.
    Don’t call out a competitor’s product and begin to tear it down with your words during a live stream. It is totally unethical to do that. When you degrade a rival product or service, it tells so much about your personality. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth of your viewers and makes them avoid you like a leper.
  3. Don’t use hate speech.
    Avoid using hate speech in your live stream. Don’t express your prejudice during your live stream, whether racial, religious or based on sexual orientation. Avoid using threatening speech or abusive words against a group of people or race.
  4. Don’t take alcohol.
    Alcohol consumption during a live broadcast is not a good idea. You can get intoxicated and say or do nasty things, plus you might even get penalized by your Streaming platform depending on their rules.
  5. Don’t leave during your live stream
    Getting up and leaving for a long period of time is unethical.Infact, leaving for a short period is already a turn off in itself.
    No matter how important it is, you should stick in front of your camera till the end. It is better to make your live stream shorter than leaving and returning as many times as you want.
    It shows indiscipline on your path, and lack of respect for your viewers.
  6. Don’t bite your nails.
    Nail biting is an unconscious habit for some people, and without meaning to,
    it can manifest right in front of the camera.
    Chewing or biting one’s nails during a live stream is unprofessional. And it’s something to be worked on if you have that has an habit.
    Find something else to do with your hands and practice ahead of time before your live stream.
  7. Don’t scratch your head or hair.
    Scratching one’s head might indicate nervousness or mean you don’t know what else to say. And it should be avoided during your live stream.
    When viewers notice you scratching your head or hair, it can put them off and make them see you as unserious. Some viewers might even begin to wonder if you have lice in your hair.
  8. Don’t take off your clothes.
    Taking off ones clothes during a live stream is off limits. It shouldn’t be done intentionally or by mistake. Share healthy and value packed content on your live stream and don’t promote nudity in any way. Ensure you switch off your live stream before you attempt
    to undress.
  9. Do not invade the privacy of others.
    It isn’t proper to live stream from another person’s private space or property without their permission.
    And it is equally wrong to reveal personal information about others on your live stream without their permission.
    Personal data of others such as their names, locations, social profile etc,  should not be shared as this is an infringement on their privacy.
  10. Do not engage in Impersonation.
    Impersonation is the act of pretending to be another person for the purpose of entertainment or fraud.
    Impersonation is a no, no in live streaming. It is wrong to imitate the behavior or actions of others with the intent to deceive or make fun of them during your live stream. As much as you want to have fun with your viewers, impersonation is off limits. Find other healthy ways to have fun during your live stream.

It is important to be on top of your game during a live stream. Care must be taken to not cross the line when sharing contents via a live stream. Be professional and adhere to basic ethics and your viewers will love you for it.

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