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Owning your own music studio is great especially if you’re just starting out your music career.
You get the liberty to record at any time you wish, and then you eliminates the hourly cost of using a paid studio. When you own your own recording studio, you don’t have to rush through your recording sessions. And you can spend as much time as you want to create the music in your heart.
When your studio is set up professionally, you can as well monetize it by charging other musicians to record, thereby bringing in extra income to you.



And in this post, we’ll be covering ten simple tips to help you build your own professional music studio.

The choice of where to locate your studio is a very crucial one. And there are many factors to be put in consideration before making the choice, two if which are;


  • Accessibility: Your studio should be located in a place that is easily accessible. It shouldn’t be in a remote location where you’ll have to climb through mountains and hills to get to.
  • Noise: Your studio should be located in a calm and quiet environment void of noise. It shouldn’t be too close to major highways or factories that produce heavy noise. You’ll need the quietness to produce great inspirational music.

2. Size
How big do you want your studio to be? Do you have a ten member band or do you plan to record alone?
Even though there is no right or wrong size for a music studio, it is best to make it spacious so it can accommodate new equipment, band members and whatever changes you might want to add to it in the nearest future.

3. Ceiling Height.
Also, there is need to look into the height of the ceiling before settling for a space as your music studio. Rooms with high ceilings are preferable to those with low ceilings.

4. Studio Dimension
A room with equal widths and length dimensions, that is, a room that is a perfect square is a bad choice for a studio. The standing waves created by a square dimensional room is bad for your music recording, so avoid it.

5. Sound proof
There is need to soundproof your music studio so that you don’t get disturbed and distracted by noise from outside your studio. You also want to soundproof your studio so that your neighbors don’t get disturbed with your sounds too. You can soundproof your studio by making use of drywalls, acoustic panels, padded walls, among others.

6. Ventilation
Your studio should be sufficiently ventilated for maximum delivery. A good air conditioned studio is comfy and comfortable.
You’ll be spending much time in your studio and it needs to be properly ventilated. Ensure your studio is installed with a noiseless ventilation system and not one that produces noise.


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7. Floors
Avoid the use of carpet for your music studio. This is because carpets wear out quickly and does not absorb low frequencies. Hardwood, concrete or tiles is great for your studio floor. The key is to avoid floors that makes noise and vibrations as this can affect how your recording comes out.

8. Acoustic Treatment
Your studio should undergo acoustic treatment if you aim for excellent music production. There is need to fit in foam or fiberglass panels that soak up the natural reverb of the room.
Bass’s traps and reflection filters should also be installed into your studio to avoid issues such as flutter echo, standing waves and room modes.

9. Walls and Surfaces.
Avoid choosing a room with parallel walls for your studio. Spaces with asymmetrical walls are best. And ensure you choose a space with lots of irregular surfaces too.
You can also create irregular surfaces in your studio by bringing in a folding screen or some furniture.

10. Decorations
Decorate your studio in a way that makes it feel like home to you. Put up images and pictures that gives you  inspiration. And make the place comfy and inviting. You shouldn’t clutter your studio space with unnecessary stuff as this can make a junkyard out of your studio.



A well built recording studio is beneficial to your music career.
We at Socastin can help you build your studio for you. And if you’re looking for a state of the art studio to produce your next record, we’ve got you covered too.
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