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tips to record amazing vocals
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Vocals are the backbone of your music production. They are at the center of any music project, and they determine the success or failure of your music record.
Recording an amazing vocal doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes a lot of thoughts and efforts, and might require retakes too!
And in this article, we’ll be looking at seven tips to make your vocals come out great.


  1. Ensure you record in a treated room
    Recording vocals in an untreated room or studio can end up being a disaster.
    Your studio should undergo acoustic treatment if you aim for excellent music production.
    There is need to fit in foam or fiberglass panels that soak up the natural reverb of the room.
    Bass’s traps and reflection filters should also be installed into your studio to avoid issues such as flutter echo, standing waves and room modes.
    An untreated room or studio space is very bad for vocals.
  2. Use the right microphone
    There are several microphones available in a studio for recording music, and it is important to choose the right one when recording your vocals.
    The rule here is to match your microphone to your vocalist.
    There’s a mic for each tone of voice (Dynamic or Condenser) and it is best to experiment with at least two or three mics to see which sounds best for your vocalist.
  3. Right Mic placement
    Placing your mic right is another secret of producing a great vocal.
    Your microphone should be placed in a way that prevents it from picking up resonances from the recording room. An helpful tip is to place your microphone away from walls, and away from the exact center of the recording room.
  4. Record Several Takes
    Sometimes, you might have a very good vocalist whose performance is so superb you don’t need a retake.
    But it’s best to be on the safe side.
    Recording several takes of your vocalist is best if you aim at producing a good vocal. You might discover several subtle errors while editing and multiple retakes will save you the need to schedule another recording session for your vocalist.
  5. Complementary Environment
    The environment of your recording room should be in sync with the kind of song your vocalist is singing. This helps the vocalist feel comfortable and helps the song come out well.
    A happy and fun-filled track should not be recorded in a dull and somber environment as this can ruin the mood of the singer and indirectly affect the quality of the song.
  6. Don’t be a perfectionist
    When recording vocals, it is right to aim for excellence but don’t cross the line into becoming a perfectionist that gets irked at every single mistake. Don’t be a critic. Give your vocalist the liberty to express themselves in their music.
  7. Instill Confidence in your Vocalist
    Instilling confidence in the singer is a great way to produce an amazing vocal. People generally do well when they feel confident, than when they feel self conscious, nervous or incompetent. Complementing your vocalist is a great way to build up his or her confidence, and so you should practice this regularly.

Great care has to be taken when producing vocals as they are the foundation of each music track. And practicing the tips listed above will help your vocal recording a blast.

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