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Reasons podcasts fail
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The world of podcasting does not guarantee anyone automatic success. A lot of hard work and care still needs to be invested by the podcaster to achieve the desired level of success.



Have you ever wondered what makes some podcast successful and what makes others fail? Do you desire to know the mistakes to look out for and avoid when making a podcast?

This post aims to give answers to the reason why some podcasts fail. Our list isn’t exhaustive, but it does contains seven top elements that can set a person up for failure in the podcast industry. Elements you want to do well to learn about so you can avoid them as you begin your journey into podcasting. This post will also enlighten you on what you need to correct about your podcast to attain the level of success you desire.


  1. Lack of Passion
    Sometimes, podcasters get tempted to begin a podcast in a popular and already lucrative niche. And when this occurs, it increases the probability of the failure of that podcast. A podcast show outside of one’s niche might lack the passion necessary to make it successful in the long-term.                                              What to do: Select a niche that you’re very comfortable with. Talk about what you love, and not just what is popular. Listeners can feel your passion through your words, so settle for a podcast in a niche you are passionate about.
  2. Lack of adequate research
    Podcasting takes a lot of research to gather credible information and knowledge about the subject of the podcast. A podcaster who is too lazy or busy to carry out the necessary research will lose his or her credibility in the eyes of listeners. Wrong or misguided facts will quickly make listeners lose interest in such podcast.                                                                                                                      What to do: Carry out detailed research about whatever you want to speak about. And ensure your sources of information are credible.
  3. Inconsistent content
    A podcaster who is inconsistent in putting out contents is setting up his podcast for failure. When you make people wait too long for the next episode, it can drain out their interest. A podcaster who doesn’t have or follow a schedule for his content won’t be taken seriously by listeners.                                               What to do: Have a schedule for your podcast content and follow it strictly. Record your podcast episodes at least a day ahead to take care of any surprise hitch.
  4. Boring content
    When the contents of a podcast isn’t interesting, listeners will withdraw their interest. A dry podcast doesn’t attract new listeners.                                         What to do: Find ways to make your podcast interesting to listeners. Make use of storytelling to make your podcast show come alive. Find ways to engage your listeners via your podcast.
  5. Excessive Content
    Too much content in a single podcast show can be a turn off. People like to get value as fast as possible, and a straight two hour podcast can make them walk away.                                                                                                                           What to do: Have a content plan. Divide your contents into series and episodes. Give your listeners something to look forward to in the next episode. Don’t overload your listeners with too much information all at once.
  6. Poor audio quality
    A podcast with a poor audio quality will quickly become unpopular. When a podcast show sounds scratchy to the ears or is filled with background noise, listeners will lose interest in it irrespective of its great content.                     What to do: Make use of a great podcast recording and editing software. Record in a treated studio, and edit your podcast after recording. Ensure the quality of your audio is at its best.
  7. Poor marketing
    Most times, podcasters are so concerned about creating a great podcast that they entirely forget about the marketing aspect of their podcast. A podcast can only be said to be successful when people listen to it.                                      What to do: Have a marketing plan. Promote your podcast on social media platforms to attract listeners. Email marketing is another option to promote your podcast.

Success as a podcaster requires conscious and deliberate efforts. It is a journey and not a sprint. Consistency in doing the right thing will endear listeners to you, and make you a successful and popular podcaster.

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