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Producing a band record is a little  different from producing a singer or songwriter. A band is made up of different people with different personalities, and they all have their different ideas and opinions about the music they are working on.
And in this post, we’ll be covering seven top tips for producing a successful band record.


  1. Avoid dictatorship
    Don’t be a dictator. Don’t shove your ideas and opinions down the throat of the band members. This results in friction and hampers further relationship with the band.
    Be friendly with whatever band you’re working with and don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable with a dictatorial approach.
  2. Patience
    Working with a band means you have to be really patient with every member of the team. When you produce a band, things can become a bit more complicated. There’s more than one person involved and you have to take time to understand everyone’s concerns, needs and opinions.
  3. Sensitivity
    Be sensitive to the feelings of others. Each band member will definitely have a personal attachment to the song you’re helping them produce, so try to be sensitive to their feelings when bringing up suggestions about how to make things better.
  4. Listen more than you speak
    To understand the goals and needs of the band you’re producing for, it is of paramount importance to listen more than you speak. Listen to them in the rehearsal room and watch how they interact with one another. You’ll be surprised at how much this helps translate to a successful band record production.
  5. Communication skills
    To produce a successful band record, you need to be able to communicate well with the band you’re working with. Right choice of words and the right body language goes a long way in facilitating effective communication.
    Communicate your concerns and opinions with the band leader at a convenient time and right moment to get the best result.
  6. Constructive criticism
    If you notice something that isn’t right with the band, any individual member or something that needs to be corrected, then endeavor to make use of the right words and expressions when calling attention to it. Don’t tear band members apart with your criticism.
  7. Keep a strong team vibe
    Don’t kill the team spirit of the band with your words or actions. Don’t let a band feel as if you are tearing them apart because of your suggestions. This team spirit they have, enables them to flow together as one and helps their record to come out great and be successful as a result. Find ways to keep and strengthen the team vibe of whatever band you’re recording for.

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