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attract music artists to studio
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Do you desire to attract new music artists to your recording studio? And also keep your present clients and make them happy? Then you don’t need to look any further. In this article, we’ll be covering eight tips to help you attract artists to your recording studio.


  1. A Great Personality
    Your personality attracts people to you. When you have a warm personality, people want to come to your studio and do business with you over and over again. When you make people feel welcome, smile, and appreciate them, they open their hearts and by extension, their pockets to you. No one wants to do business with a grumpy music producer.
  2. Top Working Gear
    When your studio’s equipment and instruments are of top quality, they attract music artists to come and produce their music in your studio. A studio gear that is if low quality, always faulty, or badly maintained will not only discourage new clients but will drive away old clients as well.
  3. Openness
    People generally like to work with someone who is open. When you are open and upfront about details such as rules, cost, and other charges, clients will be comfortable doing business with you.
  4. Sensitivity
    Don’t push your opinions on others just because you believe your way is better than theirs. When you’re too opinionated and critical, clients will quickly find the door.
    To attract people to your recording studio, you have to be sensitive to their feelings.
  5. Honesty
    People don’t want to work with a dishonest person. When people get to your studio, are things the way you have stated to them to be? Do you list gear and equipment you don’t have on your website and then when clients get to your studio, they end up disappointed?
    Be honest about things so people can respect you and desire to do business with you.
  6. A Homely environment
    The environment and feel of your studio can attract or repel people. Ensure your studio is clean, well organized and homely. Take care of things such as trash cans and floors. Ensure that there’s a clean and hygienic bathroom for artists to use. Your studio should smell nice and look good to attract music artists.
  7. Working team
    You should have a working team at your studio to help out with stuff. When clients know that they will get all the help they need, it attracts them to your studio.
  8. A good deal
    Artists will definitely come back to a studio if they believe they are given a good deal and not just taken advantage of. Offer your clients a good financial bargain for using your studio. Your charges shouldn’t scare people away. Ensure that in terms of charging for your services, it should be a win-win situation for both you and your client.

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