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Broadcasting Tips To Stand Out

Broadcasting tips
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After setting up your very own online radio via socastin, program schedules and content creation becomes the next consideration. But, bigger than that are strategies to help drive traffic (committed listeners) to your online radio station. Give me an hint, you ask? This post would open your mind to those tips.



1. SOCIAL MEDIA VISUALS & POSTS: It’s no longer news that a very effective and active social media page goes a long way to publicize and create a solid brand awareness in these present time.

firmbee-com-DfM source: unsplash

Visual social media marketing is the practice of using video, images and other visual content (like infographics) to help your messages stand out from the noise and clutter to more effectively reach your audience. It entails sharing post related to contents you create using images and videos. Use social media visuals to make posts that would get people talking. Other social media tips include connect with other online radios, spread influence, understand and follow trends and make sure to use your audience.



‌Competitions and showcases get people motivated into sharing your content, as it offers a tangible reward, either a prize for competitions or the exposure of being shared on your social media.


2. TURN YOUR RADIO SHOWS INTO A PODCAST: Quite a number of times, Online Radio programs have scheduled time for broadcasting. How about keeping a record of those radio shows and making it available on your online radio website for latter listening for audiences who missed the live broadcast? Great, isn’t it. This makes your audience keep coming back even when they means a live broadcast plus, they get to share your radio shows with friends and family on their social media pages.

firmbee-com-TMO source: unsplash

3. BLOG POST & WRITTEN ARTICLES: The place of written articles or blog posts cannot be overemphasized. Having a blog page on your online radio site would be an added advantage as listeners can also read through interesting and engaging posts from your online radio. Such posts should the related to already discussed topics on your radio.

This helps to have constant returning and committed listeners.

4. AUDIO TEASERS (PODCAST AUDIOGRAM): Sometimes it gets difficult to post audios on social media pages. Perhaps you had a guest on one of your  radio shows, and you love to share a minutes of the radio show with your social media audience this can be done through audiogram. Using audiogram, you get to make your audio file into a video file using an interactive photo or volumeless video when your audio plays in the background.‌



Make sure to use related and catchy photo or volumeless video for your audiogram this makes it easy to post on social media platforms.

5. LIVE VIDEOS: Making life videos is one strategy used by radio station for terrestrial and online radio to interact and create a connection with their audience. Most radio host do not get to be seen during programs either live or prerecorded, but to give the same feeling audience gets when watching a TV show, live videos on social media pages like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram implemented. This drastically boost returning and new audiences to your online radio station.

source: unsplash

6. E-MAILS: Another big way strategy to get returning and new listeners to your online radio is through mailing. Creating a mini signup form on your online video sites to collect listeners email addresses can prove to be very helpful in sending scheduled and informative mail messages. Included in your message could be a scheduling calendar for your programs, a link to direct them to your online radio site or to your social media pages for interaction. Emailing could be used for marketing and also awareness. Use it optimally.‌

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IN CONCLUSION, have a target plan and goal for your online radio to keep you in check and help make necessary improvements and adjustments it’s fun and worthwhile to own an online radio. To get started, click here.



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