radio website Oct 27, 2021

I bet you want to know the answer to that.
You're excited about starting a radio station with and you're probably wondering if you need a website to do that.
And the answer is...
No, you don't.

Owning a Website is not a prerequisite for starting a radio station. You can get your online radio station up and running as soon as you get the basic equipment needed, such as laptop, microphone broadcasting software, etc.

However, having a website for your online radio station is really cool. It can serve as a tool for promoting your station so you can get the audience you desire.
Of course, starting a radio station and putting in great contents isn't enough if there's no one to listen to it. So, here are three reasons why you should consider Having a Website for your Online Radio Station.

  1. It connects you to your listeners.
    From your website, listeners can easily time into your shows and browse your contents.
  2. Wider reach.
    Anybody from around the world can visit your website and listen to your radio show. With a website, people get to easily discover who you are and tune into your shows.
  3. Provides a home for your radio station.
    A website is a place called home. Since it belongs to you, it is customized according to your taste and preference and says a lot about who you are and what you're about. Now, that sounds like home, doesn't it?

Tips for a Great Website

  1. Make your website fast.
    Most people don't have the patience to hang around a website that takes forever to load.
    Avoid using heavy images and putting a lot of stuff that makes the website take too long to open.
  2. Keep it simple.
    Too much information on your website can be a turn off as it can make it look messy. You don't need to put everything happening in your radio station on your website. Too much contents and pictures might discouraged visitors and get them lost.
    The rule is to keep it simple!
  3. Make use of mobile friendly contents.
    It should be noted that 90 percent of visitors to your website access your website through their phones. Therefore, images, videos and other contents placed on your website should not only look great on when opened with a laptop, but it should also be able to display well on smaller screens such as Mobile phones.
  4. Make Use of Consistent Brand colors.
    Your brand colors says a lot about you, so you shouldn't fill your website with a million colors in a bid to make it beautiful. Your website isn't a rainbow. Two or at most three colors will do.
  5. Write Blogs.
    Some people like to read more than they like to listen to radio shows, so you should accommodate such people on your website by writing blogs and articles.

It's more easier than you think. CLICK HERE to start your own online radio station.