online radio station Oct 27, 2021

This is a question that often arises in the heart of those venturing into online radio for the first time.
While running an online radio station is interesting in itself, the thought of being live on radio 24/7 can be scary. Talk about the energy needed to achieve that, and the ton of human resources needed to make that happen, and one can conclude that it's not only exhausting but expensive to broadcast live through every single hour of the day.
But the good news is this.
There is a way to broadcast 24/7 without being exhausted and the answer is to make use of Automated broadcasting.

So, What is Automated Broadcasting?
This is the use of broadcast programming technology to run a radio station in the absence of a human operator. It can also run in a live assist mode when there are on-air personnel present at the control room.

Automated broadcasting make available to you tools to broadcast non stop to your audience.
It gives you a break from having to be live all the time.

Why you should consider Automated Broadcasting.

  1. It saves energy. Talking isn't an easy job, you know? You should ask the MCs, Comedians, and others in the speaking industry. And it isn't easy on your voice box as well.
    Why drain your self when automated broadcasting is there to help you?
  2. It gives you time to engage in other activities.
    Imagine yourself stuck in front of a microphone for twenty four hours. No one would like to do that, not even Superman.
    The use of Automated broadcasting gives you time to engage in other stuff and own your life, so you can have fun while working on your passion.
  3. Gives you more control over your output.
    The option of Automated broadcasting gives you the avenue to exercise more control over what you deliver to your audience. Here, you get to select the best stuff and schedule it the way you like for the enjoyment of your listeners.
  4. It is inexpensive.
    Automated broadcasting is less expensive than having to bring guests on your station everyday. The current trend in internet radio broadcasting is to use automation software to replace live DJ's and guest.

However, Automated broadcasting shouldn't be used in a vacuum. It should be combined with live broadcasting so as to bring desired, entertaining and relevant content to your audience on a daily basis.

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