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build strong podcast community
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The desire to have a strong and supportive community around your podcast isn’t just enough. It has to be translated into reality. Communities don’t just happen or appear, they are built. And it takes some strategies to build a community of loyal and strong listeners for your podcast.
In this article, we’ll be covering eight tips on how to build a strong podcast community.


  1. Create a Vision Statement
    The first step to building a strong podcast community is creating a vision statement for your community. Your vision statement should define the core experience that you desire the people in your community to have.
    A vision statement is very important because it bonds people together and gives them a sense of belonging.
    Create a concrete vision statement of what you want your community to achieve and the impact you desire for it to have on the world.
  2. Build a Mailing list
    Email is one of the oldest method of communication, and it still has a high level of engagement till date.
    A mailing list refers to a list of the names and addresses of people to whom information, advertising or other material may be mailed regularly.
    You can give a tempting offer, such as a free resource, to make listeners give up their email addresses.
    A mailing list helps you grow your audience, and gives you an avenue to broadcast to your community.
  3. Ask for Inputs
    Ask your listeners directly for inputs in form of comments and questions. You can also send out questionnaires via your mailing list to ask about which kind of content or guest they would like to see featured on your show. This helps to strengthen the relationship between you and your listeners.
  4. Create Avenues for Listeners Engagement
    Create avenues for listeners to engage with your podcast. This can include a review or comment section box, or a link to your blog posts.
  5. Host Engagements
    Building a strong podcast community is going to cost you time and a lot of effort. As a Podcaster, you have to get engaged also by taking the time to respond to your listeners questions and react to their comments and suggestions. You can’t ask for your listeners inputs and just ignore it. You have to make use of their responses and show appreciation for their contributions.
  6. Shout-outs and Appreciation
    Give shout-outs to your listeners from time to time. Appreciate their engagement with your podcast by mentioning your listeners when you adopt one of their suggestions in your podcast. Include a shout-out segment in your show, and you’ll be surprised at how much this increases your listeners engagement.
  7. Create an Online Social Platform
    The next step is to create a social platform to connect your listeners together. Your listeners should have a space where they interact and this is what you provide when you create a social platform for them.
    Some of the most commonly used online social platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    Whatever platform you create should depend on which of them your listeners engage on more. A virtual hub or forum gives your listeners the opportunity to connect with other people of like minds, and this is the basis of a podcast community.

Create shareable content
Lastly, you should create contents that can easily be shared by your listeners.
Community goes hand in hand with sharing, and your listeners will be motivated to share if your content is consistent and meets their needs. When existing listeners share your contents, this will attract others to be part of your community and podcast.

A podcast community presents several benefits to the podcaster and it is critical to the success of your podcast show. The strategies above, if applied, will help you build a strong podcast community filled with loyal fans which also attracts new members regularly.



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