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A pre-recorded interview is a great content for a radio station.
Sometimes, you might desire to interview a person in your radio station and distance can become a barrier.
But it doesn’t have to be a problem.
In recent times, many activities including interviews have become remote. And in this article, we’ll be showing you some tips to conduct a successful remote interview for your radio station.


  1. Prepare your questions
    The first step is to prepare the questions you wish to ask your interviewee. You shouldn’t conduct an interview, whether remote or not, without adequate preparation. Don’t just spout off any question that comes into your head. Spend time thinking about what you want your interview to achieve, and develop questions along that path.
  2. Prep your guest before hand.
    It’s okay, and even advisable to prep your interviewee ahead of time. You can send them a copy of the questions you want to ask them so they can get prepared to answer them. You won’t like a lot of humms and ahhhs during your interview.
    As much as possible, remove the element of surprise. When your guests know ahead the questions they’re going to be asked during an interview, it not only helps them prepare ahead but also makes them feel more confident and comfortable.
  3. Choose a good software.
    Conducting a remote interview for your radio station will require the help of a software. There are various softwares that can help including Discord, Skype, Zencastr, Riverside, Squadcast, and a ton of others.
  4. A great hardware.
    A good software isn’t the only thing required to have a successful interview. There is also the need for good hardware, that is, the right equipment to pull off the interview without any hitch.
    You’ll want to make sure your guest have a good microphone, head set and any other thing they’ll need for an hitch free interview.
  5. Test run your interview
    It is best to test run your interview ahead if time to be sure everything is working as it should from both ends. Test run your software with your radio server, and you can ask your guest a question or two to hear how they sound and to know if anything needs to be adjusted.
  6. Actual Interview
    After you’re satisfied with your test run, you can go ahead with your interview and record it. Remember to be relaxed, and patient with your guest. Don’t rush your guest or put words into their mouth. And keep your cool if anything goes wrong. Smile when speaking and rephrase your questions to help your guests have a better understanding of them.
  7. Edit.
    Don’t work yourself up when you replay your interview and find some less than perfect moments. Repetitions and blank spaces can be edited. Adjust the volume and other less than desirable elements to make your interview ready to be broadcast.
    For your editing, you’ll need an audio editing software such as Audacity, Avid Pro Tools, Cockos Reaper, Magix Samplitude, Apple Logic Pro, etc.
  8. Broadcast your interview
    Now that you’re done editing, it’s time to broadcast your interview on your station. And you can even make your interview available as a podcast on your radio website.
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