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A studio environment that is comfortable generally attracts clients. And a studio that doesn’t lack clients will continue to make money. Happy customers become repeat customers, and they also refer others to your studio as well.
And in this post, we’ll be looking at ten tips to make your studio environment more comfortable and attractive to your clients.


  1. A Clean environment
    The environment and ambiance of your studio can attracts or repel people. Ensure your studio is clean, well organized and homely. Your studio should smell nice and look good to attract clients. Ensure that all surfaces are wiped free of dust at the beginning and end of the day.
  2. Few staffs and limited walk-ins during sessions
    When your clients are in the middle of a recording session, it is important to keep the number of walk-ins to the barest minimum. Too many staff in the recording room can cause confusion and when people repeatedly walk into a recording session, it causes distraction. It can also increase background noise and result in the need for multiple retakes.
  3. Few hours between sessions
    Sometimes, a session might end while the artist is still recording and there might be need to book extra time. And so it is advisable to leave a few hours in between sessions to provide for this. Telling a client he will have to complete his recording on another day can be very discouraging because you might have to take down the sound to set up for another band or musician.
  4. Few interns
    Too many interns present in a recording session can be both distracting and annoying. While it’s good to run an internship program at your studio, it is of utmost importance that your client know that their work is being handled by you and not an intern who probably has no idea what to do. Too many interns present might water down the confidence of your clients in your availability to handle their jobs and this can be very bad for your business.
  5. Studio Lighting
    A great lighting system can help both you and others feel more comfortable in your studio. If your studio doesn’t have natural lighting, that is if it is designed in a way that closes off the outside world, then you need to get a good lighting system that brings a sense of vibrancy into your studio.
  6. Clean the bathroom
    Ensure that there’s a clean and hygienic bathroom for artists to use.
    Your studio bathroom should always be kept clean and it shouldn’t emit any unpleasant odor that makes people uncomfortable. It should be washed daily and the floor kept clean and dry.
  7. Empty the garbage
    The garbage can should not be left to overflow before it is emptied. Cultivate the habit of emptying the trash can daily at the close of each day’s work.
    Take care of things such as trash cans and floors so that it doesn’t breed fliers and unpleasant odor.
  8. Availability of advertised studio gear
    Ensure that every gear listed on your website is available when clients come into your studio. If an equipment is shared across several recording rooms in your studio, then let the client know about it so they can book it ahead for their session and not be disappointed when they arrive.
  9. Heatwave
    The average room temperature of your studio needs to be conducive for your clients. And you might need to get an heating system to make this happen if your studio’s temperature is too cold.
  10. Good ventilation or air flow
    If your studio lacks good ventilation, it can feel quite stuffy and uncomfortable.
    Since most studios have their doors and windows closed for the purpose of containing sounds, you have to get ventilation system built into your studio.
    A stuffed studio will make your clients avoid doing future business with you.

Take a look around your studio and make necessary adjustments to make your clients feel more comfortable when they walk in. These adjustments and improvements will attract more clients to you and increase repeat business.

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