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write music video script
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Producing a music video gives your music record a whole new look. It takes it to another level and raise it’s sense of appeal to your fans.
But before you jump into shooting your music video, it is important to write a script for it. A script gives your music video direction. It guides the video production process so it can come out with a touch of excellence.
And in this post, we’ll be giving some tips to help you write a script for your music video without sweat.


  1. Brainstorm For Ideas
    The first step to produce a great music video is to first gather ideas about what you want your video to be about. Brainstorming is an essential process and the best way to get the most out of it is to listen to your song over and over again.
    As you listen, ideas for the video will begin to swim in your head. You should capture these ideas in a jotter or notepad so you can go through them later on.
  2. Choose the Best Location
    You should have an idea of where you want your music video to be shot.
    It could be in the studio, in an enclosed place or in an open air, such as a beach, or park.
    It is advisable to have at least two options in mind so you can have somewhere to fall back to if your first choice isn’t available.
  3. Select the Best Technique
    You have a song that speaks about finding peace in a fast paced world and you got the idea of a beach themed video. The next step is to decide on which technique your video will use to convey the message of your song. Do you want to perform and shoot the video by the beach, or would you rather prefer a storytelling technique to get it done?  Any technique chosen should go well with your song for it to be effective.
  4. Decide on Your Budget
    You should have an idea of how much money you want to spend on your video. Planning a budget before hand will help you cut off wastes, and it will also help you make cost effective choices as regards venue, supplies, costumes, and talent to hire.
  5. Work on Getting your Cast from your Closest Circle
    You don’t have to break a bank in order to hire talent for your music video. You can get all or most of the talent you need from your close circle. Make a list of all the people you’ll need for the video, and reach out to friends who can fit into your video needs.
  6. Hire Professionals as Well
    In a situation where the people in your circle don’t really fit the vision of your music video, you’ll have to reach out to professionals who can get the job done.
  7. Make a list of all the Supplies you need
    In order not to leave anything out,it is best to write a list of all the materials you’ll be needing for your video. Each video will require different types of supplies. For example, a beach themed video might need materials such as coolers, umbrellas, sunglasses, flowers, wine bottles, glasses for drinks, and what have you.
  8. Prepare a Costume list
    It isn’t okay for your video cast to just appear any how they like for your video. You need to have an idea of what kind of outfit would match the vibe of your video. Make a list of all the costumes needed by the entire video cast, so that you can get them ahead of time. Individuals performing on your video can get their outfits from their existing wardrobe, or you can decide to buy or rent the costume you need.
  9. Don’t Leave out Lighting
    You would need different lighting systems depending on the type of video you plan to shoot for your music record. If your video is to be shot in broad daylight, then you might not need to invest in lighting. But if you’re making your video in an enclosed space or using a night theme, you’ll definitely have to invest in extra lighting to make your video come out great.
  10. Write out the Dialogue
    Do you have dialogues for your actors to say? Then write them out let everyone know when they’ll be coming in. Ensure each cast members knows their lines to avoid confusion when the actual shooting begins.

Music videos are a fun way to get your audience to connect with you and your music. And having a detailed script will guide you each step of the way and help you create an amazing video your fans won’t forget in a long while.

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