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Make Money Through Online Radio

make money online radio station
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The good thing about making money from an online radio station in Nigeria is that you get to combine two revenue sources together:


  • You make the money made from the terrestrial radio station
  • You also make money exclusive to the online radio business.

How does a typical terrestrial radio station make money?

The list can’t be exhaustive here but some of the ways they make money are:

1. From Commercials: When companies and businesses pay money to a radio station to promote their products or services. These are often short time-outs in the middle of programs aimed at creating awareness for a service or product. Call it an advertisement and you can’t be wrong.



ii. From Programs Sponsorship: When an organization decides to use their platform (radio station) to broadcast a program for their audience. E.g A pastor appearing on the radio at a specific time of the day to talk about repentance. He actually paid for it based on the time of the day and length of time it would take him to round up.


iii.  Program coverage, streaming, and packaging: When a radio station covers a live event for an organization or individual,‌‌they charge a fee. This also adds up to their means of making money.‌‌ Then, we add up extra sources of making money or generating revenue from the online radio business.

iv.  Sponsored posts: Sponsored posts as in banners, ads, and infographics from organizations and individuals who wish to be featured on your radio website.

v.  Google AdSense: You can register for and sell Google AdSense on your website. You can also sign up for display adverting for other businesses.

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vi.  Products reviews: You can actually review products on your online radio station and get paid by companies who own product and would like you to give reviews on their products and brands.



vii.  Affiliate marketing: Selling other people’s product for a commission.

viii.  Music, video and product promotion: Upcoming and contemporary artists, vloggers, brand owners and organisations can get to promote their new music video or products on your online radio station.

Now, having covered that, let’s dive into the main thing. Of course, you are already itching to know what will cost you to set up and manage your online radio station. We are going to give you a breakdown of the cost in a neutral ground.‌‌


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