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As much as live streaming is fun, it can become an headache if one doesn’t find a way to overcome the challenges that comes with it. Creating a video in a live environment comes with it’s own hiccups that needs to be taken care of
For your live stream to meet up to expectations and be excellent, the following challenges must be carefully addressed.


  1. Challenge: Equipment acting funny.
    Sometimes, equipment that were previously working perfectly can decide to act funny. And while you’re not trying to be negative, you can’t afford to take chances and not prepare ahead of time for when this happens.

Solution: Have backup equipment.
All equipment used for your live stream should have a backup to avoid disappointing your viewers in the event of an equipment acting funny.

2. Challenge: Viewers can’t hear a thing.
It would amount to a total waste of time if your viewers can’t hear a single word of your video. Visuals are great, but if viewers can’t hear you, then it would be almost impossible for them to benefit
from the wonderful content you have created in your live stream.



Solution: Monitor your audio.
You should monitor your audio all through your live stream to be sure it is properly working so viewers can hear you. Don’t get too carried away during your live stream that you forget to ensure you’re being heard.


3. Challenge: Bad Internet connection
You have wonderful content to share and your equipment are performing at their best. And oops, your internet connection start acting up. A bad internet can frustrate your live stream.

Solution: Connect to a strong wi-fi.
Get a strong wi-fi connection. This is preferable than a direct cellular data connection.
You can also get internet vendors ahead of time, around the site of your live stream. You can also switch to cellular data, but the key is this. Don’t trust an internet connection blindly. You should test it strength and speed ahead of time to be sure you’re making a right decision by choosing it

4. Challenge: Low turnout of Viewers
Everything is perfect and you’ve begun your live stream. And then you check your viewers demographics only to find out you’re having fun alone, which is no fun anyway. A live stream cannot be said to be successful without viewers plugged in. And it can be disheartening when a content prepared for some many, only get watched by a handful of people.

Solution: Send them a notification ahead of time.
A notification should be sent to your fans and viewers ahead of time to enable them prepare ahead, clear their schedule and make out time to watch your live stream.
The notification can be sent be via email or whatever medium through which you can communicate with your viewers.



5. Challenge: Which is the Best Encoder for me?
Choosing the right video streaming encoder can be a challenge because there are numerous encoders to choose from. Finding the right encoder for your live stream means that you need to go for one that is compatible with your devices, and that also has the features you need.


Solution: You can test run various encoders to see which is a best for for you. Choose an encoder service that is compatible with your live streaming hard ware equipment and  devices.

6. Challenge: Bandwidth Problems.
When many people are connected to your live stream simultaneously, problems can arise with the bandwidth of the live streaming.

Solution: To avoid bandwidth disruption, make use of a reliable source of Internet and maintain a solid data backup plan to prepare for sudden changes in the Internet.



7. Challenge: Providing support to viewers
During a life stream, you might get overwhelmed by the amount of feedback received from your viewers. Feedback ranging from questions, problems, contributions, offensive words, and comments will flood your comment section. And this can distract or overwhelm you.

Make a plan for viewers support during the stream. You can delegate someone else to handle your viewers question and help them with any technical issues they might have during your life stream. This will take the burden off you and help you focus on your life stream.
Support can be provided via email, phone, text or chat.
Providing support for your viewers ensures they get the best experience during your life stream.


Live streaming is an excellent way to  connect with your audience from any location of the world. And the solutions presented above will help you have a hitch free live stream that have viewers coming back for more.

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