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The answer to that is a resounding yes!
Having live callers can be a fantastic source of content for your radio show.
Chatting with callers eliminates the need to work hard on creating 24/7 content for your radio station. With live callers, you can have a break and also provide entertainment to your audience.
Here are some reasons why you should consider having live callers on your station.


  1. Live callers are a great source of new content. Why struggle to fill up broadcast hours when you can have live callers on your station?
  2. It’s entertaining.
    Looking for a sure way to grab the attention of your listeners and keep them glued to your online radio station? Then try bringing in live callers. The opinions, emotions and conversations from live callers is an interesting source of entertainment to your audience.
  3. It increases the participation of your listeners and helps you connect with them.
    By getting listeners to call in and speak, you move them from being passive to being active.
  4. It’s Inexpensive.
    You don’t need additional or expensive equipment to be able to take live calls on your internet radio station. Taking live calls is both simple and cheap.
  5. It makes for Spontaneous original content for your online radio show.
    By taking in live calls, you get to capture the original feelings of your listeners. Live calls means your participants words and emotions aren’t filtered or edited, and what’s more real than that?
  6. It’s Educative.
    The opinions, answers and ideas of live callers are not only entertaining but educative to your audience as well. It’s a sure way of adding value while having fun at the same time.

How to Engage Live Callers.

  1. Select a topic or question ahead of time.
  2. Do your research on your chosen topic or question.
    In that way, you’ll have something to say about it and provide the foundation for callers to call in with their opinions and answers.
  3. You can bring in a guest or expert to discuss the topic.
    This is optional, but it can encourage listeners to call in with questions for your expert or guest.
  4. Give out your phone number. Encourage listeners to call in to the show rather than sending text or tweets.
  5. Give out prizes for the best participants or to whoever answers your question best.
  6. Don’t be too serious. Have fun with your listeners.
  7. Finally, don’t be too predictable. Explore various avenues for live call-ins such as shout outs, dial-in competitions, funny questions, quizzes, live interviews, etc
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