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A studio manager is someone who manages the daily operations of a studio. Studio managers are in charge of overseeing the day to day affairs of a studio to ensure that everything is working properly.
They can be said to be the face of the Music or Video Production company and their duties often varies depending on the setting in which they’re find themselves working in.
But there are some skills that are non-negotiable if one desires to become a successful studio manager, and this post aims to reveal them.


  1. General management skill
    A Studio Manager must possess basic management skills such as planning, organizing and controlling both material and non-material resources of the studio. A Studio Manager might be required to hire, train or supervise employees, therefore he must be able to properly manage people and things.
  2. Communication skill
    A Studio Manager should be a effective communicator. He must possess excellent communication skills to communicate well with clients, visitors, team members and vendors. Communication is an essential skill for a Studio Manager as it is required for the day to day operations of the studio.
  3. Team management skills
    A Studio comprises of different sets of people who make things work by providing various services to the studio. A Studio Manager therefore needs to be able to manage the team to ensure the smooth running of the studio.
  4. Time management skills
    Because of the many tasks a Studio Manager needs to get done, it is imperative that he or she knows how to properly manage time. The studio manager must be able to prioritize and get things done within a limited amount of time.
  5. Scheduling
    It is the responsibility of the Studio Manager to decide on the best use of the studio’s time and equipment, so as to generate maximum profit for the studio. The Studio Manager ensures proper scheduling of clients who desires to make use of the studio space and equipment.
  6. Client relations skills
    Ability to relate well with clients is another essential skill a Studio Manager must have. A studio will naturally attract clients, each of which has their distinct personality and demands. And a good studio manager should be able to relate with them and manage them well. He must be patient and diplomatic in his dealings with clients.
  7. Accounting skills
    A Studio Manager must possess basic Accounting skills to be successful at his job. He should know about invoicing and billing clients for using the studio’s resources and time, and he should be able to track each client’s invoices to ensure that their bills are fully paid.
    He should be able to handle basic bookkeeping of the studio in terms of accounting for the studio’s income and expenses.
  8. Technical Skills
    A Studio Manager should have basic technical knowledge about how to handle studio equipment. He may be required to operate and maintain technical equipment in the studio. Therefore, this skill is an important one for a successful Studio Manager.
  9. Flexibility and adaptability skills
    A Studio Manager shouldn’t be so rigid such that he can’t adapt to changes. He should be flexible in a way that ensures optimal productivity and profitability of the studio. He should welcome change if and when that does happens and should adapt quickly to whatever that change requires.
  10. Multitasking Skill
    Studio Managers are highly organized set of people capable of multitasking. They should be able to juggle a lot of tasks at the same time. Studio Managers are often required to do a whole lot of things therefore they must be able to accomplish these responsibilities through multitasking.
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The job of a Studio Manager is one that requires resilience and patience.
And with the skills highlighted above, you’re on your way to becoming a successful and highly sought after Studio Manager.

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