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Broadcasting time
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Time is an essential element of broadcasting.
It is not enough to keep people informed about developments around them or to keep them entertained. It is also of utmost importance that each broadcast is delivered to the people they are meant for and at the time such people are most available to listen to them.
Different radio broadcast programmes appeal to, and are meant for different categories of people. And in this post, we will be looking at the best time to reach specific groups of people with your broadcast.

  1. News
    The presentation of news can be said to the hallmark of broadcasting. While this is not applicable to every broadcasting station, there are some stations such as CNN, BBC, AJAZERRA, CHANNELS, etc, which are solely devoted to broadcasting news.
    Traditionally, news are best broadcast at the start of an hour to make it easy for people to hear them.
  2. Dramas
    The broadcast of stage drama is not new to radio broadcasting. Radio drama is a popular feature of radio broadcasting as it brings entertainment to listeners.
    However, for a radio play to have maximum reach, it should be broadcast preferably at the close of the day, at a time when listeners are presumed to be at home and in a relaxed mood.
    Most radio drama that gets broadcast at the start of day when people are rushing off to work, gets lost on the hearers.
  3. Women Programme
    Programmes meant for the female gender should be aired by midmorning. By this time, stay home moms are presumed to be free, having taken care of things like house chores, breakfast, taking kids to school, etc.
  4. Music Broadcast
    Music is an important feature of broadcast. Infact, an average radio station has almost half of it’s broadcast based one way or the other on music, including adverts.
    Music can be broadcast at any time of the day as people can enjoy their favorite music while engaged with something else.
  5. Seminars.
    Seminars are long talks about a particular subject of interest, aimed at educating people.
    And weekends are the best time to broadcast  seminar programmes, because listeners be in a relaxed atmosphere with the least interruption.
  6. Adverts
    Adverts can be inserted into your broadcast at any time of the day. But the rule is to repeat then over and over again, in order to have a wider reach and also to let it sink into the heart of listeners.
  7. Programmes for Farmers
    Broadcasts meant for for Farmers should be aired at a time when the farmers have finished every form of field work. Evening is preferable because at this time, they are relaxed.
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Broadcasting takes a lot of effort and airing your programs at the right time will ensure that your contents gets to the right people for which they are intended.

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