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You desire a large following on your online radio station? Then create great contents.
No one wants to waste their time on something that isn’t beneficial to them in any way.
For something to classify as great content, it must be possess one or more of these qualities.

However, as important as creating good content is, it cannot create the impact you desire it to except it gets to the people for which it is created.
And that brings us to the next step which is getting your content to your desired audience.
There are many ways to get this done, but we’ll be looking at just seven of them in this post.

  1. Build a Strong Social Media Presence.
    Social media has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of marketing, advertisement and information technology.
    More than half of the world now uses social media and it provides a unique way to interact with your audience.
    Facebook alone has over 2.32 billion active monthly users, and it is estimated that each person spends an average of two hours and 25 minutes per day per person on social media.(DataReportal, 2021).
    Social media creates a platform to get fans for your online radio and connect with your audience worldwide. To get maximum benefit from social media, you have to be active on it. Don’t just post about your station once a year and expect a large following. Be consistent and active on it if you wish to use it as a platform to grow your audience.
  2. Feature Guests on your station.
    From time to time, you need to feature guests on your station. Listeners get excited especially when you bring in a guest they’re familiar with, or when someone else comes on your show to talk about something different.
    Each guest you bring on your show has their own audience and you can take advantage of that to promote your station to them. Tag your guest and let them tag you back on social media, and let their audience know they’ll be featuring in your show.
  3. Put out Varied Contents.
    No one like to be served the same dish all the time; not even prisoners like it. Listeners can get bored when you serve them the same thing on your show everyday of the week and they can lose interest really fast. Humans like something new, therefore there is need to add flavor to your contents and spice them up with other things. Putting out varied contents isn’t just going to retain your listeners but it will also attract new audience to you.
  4. Create a Website for your online radio station.
    A radio website can be likened to your face on the web. It serves as a home for your station and says a lot about you.
    However, your radio website should be updated from time to time, and kept busy with news, blogs, events, etc. You can also show your weekly schedule on your website, so listeners and visitors alike can know what to expect.
    But don’t get it crowded with a lot of information. Keep it simple and beautiful.
  5. Turn your listeners into participants.
    Get your audience involved in your station. Host quizzes, debates, awards, competitions and other stuff that can translate your audience from being passive to active listeners.
    Listeners would be encouraged to participate especially when there are prizes involved, and they get to tell other about the fun events happening on your station.
  6. Improve your on-air persona.
    Develop charisma and confidence, and work daily to improve your presentation. Your goal should be to make sure every of your show/presentation is to be better than the last one. Make conscious effort to deliver the best, work on your manners, humor and personality and be excellent in what you do. Your listeners will recommend your show to their friends and acquaintances without hassle, when they know you’re worth their time.
  7. Another way to get more listeners is to package interesting bits of your show and upload them on your social media handles and channels. This way, your audience get to see the best part of interviews, comedies, etc and share them with their friends.

If you can put all these into place, you’ll never run dry if listeners on your online radio station.

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