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choose podcast niche that's right
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A niche refers to any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business.
In the podcast industry, your niche refers to the particular subject of interest you’re comfortable speaking on. It is the subject matter you are best suited to handle; it is the topic where you are comfortable sharing your knowledge.
The Podcast industry is a vast one composing of many podcasters that speak about anything and everything under the sun. But podcasters don’t just make their episodes on random topics that strike their fancy any time. They focus on a particular subject, they narrow down and pick a niche. And they grow their authority in that niche.



But first, why do you need choose a niche for your podcast?

  1. A niche sets you apart from others. It makes you stand out in a world of millions and millions of podcast content.
  2. It makes it easier for your audience to find you.
  3. It helps to establish you as an expert. Ever heard of this saying ‘Jack of all trades and the master of none?’
    When you are into everything and anything, people don’t take you seriously. You are only perceived as an expert when you narrow down to a specific niche.
  4. It helps you focus your marketing effort to your specific audience.


  1. Talk about what you love
    What do you love? What do you enjoy doing? What can you talk about for hours without getting tired? What are your interests and hobbies? Then build your podcast around it. When you love something, your passion reflects to your listeners. And you won’t struggle to get content to keep making subsequent podcast shows.
  2. Build your podcast around your knowledge
    Have you amassed knowledge about a specific field of study over the years?Have you undergone formal or informal training in a specific area of interest? Do you possess a wealth of knowledge about the stock market, speech disability or swimming? Then build your podcast around that. A podcast built around your strongest area of knowledge makes your research time enjoyable.
  3. Build your podcast around your expertise
    Is there something you know how to do well? Something that comes naturally to you? Something you do effortlessly, and others have praised you for it?What do people come to you for advice on? Cooking? Painting? Writing?
    Whatever it is, build your podcast around it. It’s easier to settle for a niche you’re already an expert in than in something entirely new.
  4. What is trending
    You can choose to focus your podcast on trending issues in the society. This will spark the interest of more people and get them to listen to your podcast.
    However, the downside of this is that popular trends often pass and then something new shows up every now and then. And there’s the chance that you might lose your listeners when your subject stops trending.
  5. What do people need in your environment?
    Looking at your environment is another way to get inspiration for choosing your podcast niche. What do people need most around you? What are the problems faced by majority in your environment? Do you notice a decline in  mental health? Or is their a problem with waste disposal? Then focus on bringing an answer to that.
    You shouldn’t just speak about what you love without it meeting the needs of a specific target audience.
  6. Avoid niches with stiff competition
    Some niches are just too overcrowded with competition, and this can choke you if you’re planning on starting a podcast in that niche. It is harder to stand out in the crowd. But if an already famous niche appeals to you, then you can as well go for it. But you have to find a way to bring something new to the table, so you won’t be doing exactly the same thing others are already doing.
  7. Available of long term content
    While settling on a niche for your podcast, ensure your niche has enough content to carry through to long term. Your niche has to be a topic can be broadened over time so you don’t run out of content.

Starting a podcast is an exciting venture. It requires time and efforts, therefore care must be taken to settle for a niche you’ll enjoy doing for the long term.



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