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Sometimes, a broadcasting station takes the initiative and go to people to engage them on a one on one basis. They may talk or ask questions for fun sake, or on serious issues. And when this happens, it is referred to as a Road Show.
Road shows happens when there is a need to collect reactions or answers from people in the streets. It serves as an avenue to collect people’s views about a particular matter of interest. It is a travelling show organized by a radio or TV station, magazine, or company.
A road show can be a tour, campaign, open air broadcast or publicity campaign.
To get the most of of your road shows, the following have to be put in place.

  1. Have a target/objective
    Each road show should have a clear objective, that is, what it aims to achieve. It might be targeted towards a product review or launch, or finding out what people think about a recent government policy.
    Being outdoors means that there is the possibility that anything can happen.
    Things can get interesting and you might get tempted to move with the flow. Having a clear objective will help keep you on track during your road show.
  2. Excellent Equipment
    Microphones and cameras should be of excellent quality so they can capture everything perfectly. Faulty equipment should not be taken to a road show as it carries the potential for disaster.
  3. Back up Equipment
    It isn’t enough to have excellent equipment. It is also of utmost importance to have backup equipment. Sometimes, your equipment can decide to act funny at the crucial moment, and having backup equipment can save the day.
  4. Confidence
    This is an important requirement of an open air broadcaster. Confidence is needed to approach people and speak to them. When people detect your nervous or jittery, it can turn them off or make you come out as unprofessional. Some people might even want to take advantage of this to control your broadcast and tilt it to a different direction than you previously intended.
  5. Be friendly.
    A road show presents an informal approach to get information from people. When you look so uptight and serious, people might avoid or reject you. A friendly disposition attracts people to you and make them want to spare their time to be a part of your show.
  6. Be courteous
    Be polite in your speech and show courtesy. Thank people for their participation and avoid arguing with anyone. Do not use harsh or offensive words on any participant during your road show.
  7. Know how to deal with rejection.
    Some people will reject you or ignore you, and it is best to prepare ahead for it. You shouldn’t let the rejection of a few people dim your enthusiasm. You should move on quickly and find others who are more receptive to your show.
  8. Sensitive.
    You should read a person’s body language as you approach them so you can know what to expect. Some people take their privacy very seriously and shy away from the camera. While others love the attention and would want to say a thousand words. You should be aware of different set of people and be able to manage them properly.
  9. Dress well.
    Your dressing will be scrutinized by those you are going to approach, so there is need to dress well. Don’t dress up too formally or in a way that shows a superior personality. And you shouldn’t dress too causally such that people don’t take you seriously.
  10. Wear a Smile
    A smile can change everything. When approaching people, your smile should be the first thing they notice. And you’ll be sure they’ll smile back at you and accept your invitation to participate in your roadshow.

A road show is an important aspect of broadcasting and it comes with its own challenges and hiccups. And putting the above tips into practice will help you have a successful road show.

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