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Making a good first impression is important in any human endeavor, and the world of Podcasting is no exception.
The strength of your Podcast intro determines if you’ll hold the attention of your audience of not. Therefore, developing a strong podcast intro needs to be worked on as your intro serves as the element to either attract or repel listeners.
As a Podcaster, it is imperative to take the first ten seconds of your podcast show very seriously so it can lead potential listeners to tap into the substance of your show. And in this article, we’ll be covering eight top elements to come up with a great and compelling podcast intro.


  1. Your Podcast Name
    This should come first in your podcast intro. The name of your podcast needs to be introduced to your audience again and again with each new episode. The fact that your listeners already know the name of your podcast show doesn’t mean you don’t have to mention it in every episode. There’s the chance that new audience might be listening, so you can’t take the chance to leave out the name of your podcast. The name of your podcast also helps to attracts people to listen to your show and makes them look forward to your podcast.
  2. Name of Host and Guests
    Introducing yourself is an important element of a strong podcast intro. Listeners feel more connected to you when they know your name, and this also applies to your co-host as well. Ensure you introduce your co-host or any guest you might have on the show so that your listeners can know who they are and connect with them.
  3. Podcast Tagline
    Do you have a tagline for your podcast? Then remember to insert it into your Podcast intro. A tagline makes your podcast catchy and resonates with your audience.
    Your tagline is a statement that sums up the purpose of your podcast and what it aims to achieve. And it can also serve as a great tool to market your podcast to a new audience.
  4. Great Music and sound effects
    Your podcast intro should contain great music and sound effects so it can appeal to your audience. People don’t just listen to the words you say, they also listen to every sound underneath your voice. A soothing sound can have a calming effect and help your audience feel relaxed. And that can keep them glued to your podcast long enough for them to get acquainted with and love your content.
  5. The Episode Number
    It’s important to always inform your listeners about which episode they’re listening to. It helps your listeners keep track of your episodes and gives them an idea of what they’ve missed so they can go back to it.
  6. Episode Title
    Each of your podcast episodes will have a title that denotes the particular subject matter that episode is all about.
    Communicating the title of your episode is a key element that makes up a strong podcast intro.
    Your title should be clear and direct. It should give your listeners the idea of what to expect in that episode.
    Your episode title should be too long or communicate vagueness as this is a big turn off for listeners.
  7. Your Audience makeup
    Your Podcast intro should feature who your podcast is meant for. It should explain clearly the category of people your podcast will benefit. This information is crucial in that it helps to confirm to your listeners that they are right where they’re supposed to be. And it can also be used as by your listeners to refer others to your podcast.
  8. Sponsors
    Your podcast into is a great place to mention your sponsors and give them credit, if you have any.
    Your podcast or a particular episode might have a sponsor, and it is appropriate to credit your them in your intro.

A great podcast intro is one that helps build anticipation, and also entices and informs your audience. When your podcast intro is sting, it serves as a bait to get potential listeners hooked on your show for life. And what could be better than that?

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