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Broadcasting tips
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Radio is a dynamic medium of communication with the capability to reach a wide and diverse audience. And it is often used to transmit adverts of various products and services.
In the advertising domain, copy refers to the written or spoken words used to inform a target audience about goods and services.
A radio copy provides the ‘why’ for which a consumer should get a particular product. A powerful radio copy stimulates the desire of potential consumers hearing the advert to get the product or service being advertised.
The following tips are necessary to write a powerful radio copy.


  1. Detailed Research
    This is the first step to writing a powerful radio copy. There is need to gather and analyze facts about the product, service or idea to be sold. You must ensure your copy answers the following questions about the product or service.
  • Usage: What does the product do?
  • Components: What is it made of?
  • Quality: How well is it made?
  • Benefit: How does the product benefit the buyer?
  • Availability: Where will the buyer find it?
  • Promo/Discount: Is there a discount for purchasing the product?
  • Target audience: Who is the product made for?
  • Competition: How is the product better than those of a competitor?
  • Method: How is the product to be used? In what quantity?
  • Risk/Warning: Is the product to be used by all? Does the product presents risks to a category of people? For example, pregnant women?
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2. Simple words
The copy should be written with simple, everyday words. This will help the target audience to understand the message of the copy and enable them make informed decisions about the product or service.

3. Active voice
The copy should be written in the present tense, and not past tense. The voice of the copy should be active, thereby stimulating action on the part of the consumers. The use of passive voice should be avoided as it waters down the message of the copy.



4. Captivating Punchline
Catchy phrases should be inserted into the copy to capture the interest of the target audience. This phrase will serve as a punch line which will keep ringing in the heart of the listeners, leading them to make a conscious and positive decision about the product or service.

5. Few characters
If the copy is to be acted like a drama, the characters should be limited to two or at most three characters. Too many characters in a radio advert can confuse listeners as it becomes difficult to follow what is being said.

6. Right choice of words
Words should be carefully chosen to describe the product and paint a good picture in the heart of the listeners. Offensive words should be avoided.

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7. Don’t bad mouth rival products
Your copy shouldn’t call out rival products, and badmouth them to the listeners. You are allowed to use words saying your product or service is the best or better than others, but calling out a rivals product and listing it’s shortcomings is a no, no. Not only it is against advertising ethics, but it also taints the reputation of the brand the copy is written for.

8. Complementary sound effects/music
Radio adverts comprises of both words and sounds. The sounds and music embedded into radio adverts make them more appealing to listeners.
The sound effects and/or music chosen should go well with the words of your copy. Sound effects should not be chosen blindly or in a bid to just fill up the moment.



9. Be Consumer Focused
A radio copy should be written from the listeners point of view. There is need to address the listener directly, as this helps to connect with each listener individually. Words like ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ should be avoided.

10. Be Creative
A radio copy should show creativity. It shouldn’t be exactly the same with that of competitors. And it doesn’t necessarily mean creating something entirely new. It could mean adding some features to make it appealing on the ears of the listener.


Writing a radio copy doesn’t have to be difficult. With the tips mentioned above, you not only get to write better but also produce powerful copies that moves listeners to action immediately.

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