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Do you plan to begin a career in TV presenting and you’re wondering if you’ll be a great fit, if you possess the right qualities? Or have you been presenting for a while and you’re looking for ways to get better at what you do? Then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll be looking at ten qualities that makes a great TV presenter.

  1. Communication skills
    This is the first in the list because being a presenter means you’re required to communicate with your audience. A presenter must be able to speak well and communicate with his audience .
    His voice should be clear when reading or so that his message can be properly understood.
  2. Good body language
    A good presenter also communicates well with his body. This is known as non verbal communication, and it’s importance cannot be overemphasized. Having the right body language includes making and keeping eye contacts, and wearing the right facial expressions, such as a smile.
    A Presenter should not cross his or her arms as this can communicate disinterest and defensiveness to his audience. He should look straight into the camera and not let his gaze wander to the floor or the walls.
  3. Charisma
    A good presenter possess the charm to captivate an audience and keep them glued to the program. He must be able to hold the attention of his audience.
  4. Confidence
    The way a Presenter carries himself in front of the camera must show confidence. He must not be nervous or unsettled while presenting. He should be relaxed and confident.
  5. Time management skill
    A good Presenter keeps the programme running to schedule. They are cognizant of the allotted time frame and organize their presentation to fit the time.
  6. Listening skill
    A Presenter is a good listener. He doesn’t go on and on talking without listening to feedback whether in form of words or body language. He has to listen to his the guest on the show as well as the production team if he wants the show to be successful.
  7. Storytelling
    A good Presenter is an avid storyteller.
    He should possess the abilities to tell interesting stories. Just spewing facts and figures during a presentation won’t do. A Presenter should be able to craft stories and insert them into his presentation. Storytelling will help a Presenter connect with his audience and maintain their interest all through the duration of his presentation.
  8. Creative
    A presenter should be able to come up with solutions on the spot. A Presenter should be creative enough and radiate personal energy around him. They’re able to think on their feet and handle any surprises with creativity.
  9. Passion
    A good presenter is passionate and enthusiastic. This passion reflects in the way he speaks and acts in front of the camera. No one wants to watch a passive and boring presenter. When a Presenter lacks passion, the audience is quick to realize it and one by one they’ll find their way out of the programme.
  10. Authenticity
    A good Presenter should be original. He shouldn’t attempt to copy another person’s mannerisms and tone of voice. He should be authentic and real, and feel comfortable in his own skin and voice. Remember, you’re presenting and not actually, so be authentic in your expressions.

TV Presenting is a highly competitive career that celebrates only the best. You should work on improving this qualities above if you desire a career in Presenting, as they’ll certainly make you stand out and shine in your industry.

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