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A voice over talent refers to an actor who records the narration, monologue, or dialogue for a radio commercial.
Radio commercials are written as a script and they require a voice over talent to translate the script into an audio format.
A voice over talent provides the core material in a radio ad and brings a script to life.
When seeking to hire a voice over talent for your radio station commercial, it is important to go for someone that represents your brands’ voice well.
To get a perfect fit for your radio commercial, there are certain qualities your voice over talent should possess.
And in this article, we’re going to cover six top qualities to help you make the best hire decision of a voice over talent that suit the needs of your radio commercial.

  1. Versatility
    Versatility refers to the ability of a voice over talent to impersonate different tones. And it is a key quality to look out for when hiring a voice over talent for your radio commercial.
    Your potential voice actors should be able to change their tone from serious to funny with ease.
    And the way to the test this quality is to request for various voice samples from your prospects to determine their level of versatility.
  2. Voice Range
    Range is the scale of all the tones a voice over talent can produce.
    It refers to the ability of a voice over talent to change the pitch of his or her voice. Depending on the type of radio commercial to be produced, there might arise the need to use different voice range for the purpose of emphasis, to capture the attention of listeners, showcase several characters or display varying set of emotions.
    A professional voice over talent should be able to go from a low note to a higher pitch with ease.
  3. Impressive Enunciation
    Enunciation refers to the way words are pronounced.
    And this is a key element any voice over talent you’re looking to work with should possess. A professional voice over talent is one who can pronounce tongue twisters and complex words with ease and clarity. To test this skill, you can ask voice over prospects to submit their demo recordings, or you can conduct a mini-audition.
  4. Clarity
    A voice talent should be able to deliver the lines of ads in a clear manner irrespective of whatever emotion he or she is requires to project into the ad. The quality of clarity as simple as it sounds is very important as a script can require several displays such as crying, whispering, shouting, and so on. And each if these emotions needs to be voiced with clarity.
  5. Good Pacing
    A professional voice actor knows how to pace his words rightly in the space of time the commercial is to cover.
    Good pacing means that a voice over talent knows just how fast he should talk for a particular commercial length. This quality ensures that your radio ad is delivered without rush or confusion.
  6. Eloquence
    To come up with a solid radio commercial for your radio station, any voice over talent you hire should be eloquent. He or she should be able to see a sentence through without fill ups such as uhms and ahhhs. His words must flow naturally, and without struggle.
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A great voice over talent boosts the efficiency of a radio commercial by saturating it with a  human touch.
To have a successful radio commercial, care must be taken to ensure that your voice over personality possess the qualities needed to communicate effectively with listeners.

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