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Are you beginning a career in audio or visual scrip writing? Or do you run an online radio station from the comfort of your home and desire some help to write your own script?
Here are some tips to help you with that.

  1. Talk shows/Discussion Script
    Write down the opening remarks about the topic about to be discussed. The opening remarks is a short but captivating introduction about the subject of discussion. And the way you write it will determine if listeners will hang around to the end or tune into another station.
    It is also important to write a brief introduction about all the participants on the discussion programme, and also put down the questions you’re going to asked ahead of time. Be equipped with enough information related to the topic or person to be discussed, and carefully write down a logical conclusion to the discussion.
  2. Dramas
    Be cautious of your punctuation marks when writing a drama script. Since the dialogue in your script have to be committed to memory, you have to ensure that your lines are kept brief. Your story sequence should be easy to understand, and it should be well defined. And for radio drama, it is best to have few characters so people don’t get confused with too many names and voices.
  3. Documentaries
    This should be kept simple and should contain all the essential facts about the subject matter. Your script should not contain too much scientific terms or jargon so people don’t lose interest because they don’t understand what is being so said.
  4. Live shows
    You might be wondering if scripts are ever written for live shows, and you’ll be surprised to know that the answer is yes.
    Live shows such as speeches and award giving ceremonies are scripted and properly rehearsed.
    When writing a script for a live show, be mindful of your listeners. You should avoid using any abusive or offensive language or phrases that are not easily understood. Slangs should also be avoided.
  5. News
    Proper language should be used when writing script for news, and be especially mindful of your punctuation marks. Simple words should be used, including the right terminologies as you don’t want to misinform your listeners.
  6. Interviews
    Care should taken to be as accurate as possible when writing an interview script. You should endeavor to get the correct name, title, background information and achievements of the person to be interviewed. Here, top notch research should be carried out before writing the script.
  7. Disc Jockey
    Jokes and announcements should be written in an everyday language. The style of writing should be conversation and friendly.
    It can include bits of information about the weather and time of the day, and can also include a bit of comedy to keep listeners entertained.
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There is no hard and fast rule to script writing. The key however is to keep it simple, and write as you would talk.

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