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In this post, we will debunk seven common myths that has previously stood in the way of your desire to start your own online radio station.

MYTH #1:  It is very expensive.
When most people get the idea to start their own online radio station, the first thing that makes them cringe is how expensive they believe it is.
But really, is internet radio that expensive?
With as little as #6,000 (15 USD) you can start broadcasting with
At, we’ve got you covered with different plans to kick start your online radio and you’ll be so surprised at how affordable they are.

MYTH #2: I need a professional studio to broadcast on internet radio.
Terrestrial radio stations might need a proper studio to broadcast, with all the gadgets and stuff, but anyone can own and operate their own internet radio station from the comfort of their homes. It’s that simple.

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MYTH #3: I will need to broadcast 24/7 to operate an internet radio station.
Now, that sounds scary, doesn’t it?
But no, it isn’t true. You don’t need to be stuck in front of a microphone every single hour of the day.
Live broadcasting can and should be supplemented with Automated broadcasting so as to bring desired, entertaining and relevant content to your audience on a daily basis.

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MYTH #4: I must have my own Website before I can start my online radio station.
This is another common myths people have when attempting to start an online radio station.
The thing is you don’t need to have a website before you can start broadcasting on your internet radio station. Owning a Website is not a prerequisite for starting a radio station.
You can get your online radio station up and running as soon as you get the basic equipment needed, such as laptop, microphone broadcasting software, etc.
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MYTH#5: Setting up an online radio station is very complicated and I am not a techie.
Wrong. operates a user-friendly system, and you don’t need to be a techie to get set up and start streaming immediately.
Aside from being simple, we have an amazing technical support team available to assist you in the process.

MYTH#6: I can’t make money with online streaming.
There are several different ways to monetize your online radio station.
For more information about this, visit

MYTH#7: I need to be a professional radio DJ to start an internet radio station.
Experience as a radio DJ is not a necessity when starting out a online radio station. Present your show as best as you can, and work at becoming better at it everyday. Play good music and use jingles, and have fun doing what you love to do.

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