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The ability to create a good TV commercial is crucial in the world of TV broadcasting. TV commercials are short video production that contains ads for goods, services, or events. When your TV station service is sought to display commercials to the general public, there are some elements it should contain so it can deliver optimally and result in potential consumers taking the required actions.

  1. Clear and Direct Message
    TV commercials are never done for the fun of it. They contain a clear message
    about a particular product or service that is directed to viewers to take positive action. For a TV commercial to be effective, it must speak directly to the heart of it’s audience.
  2. Emotional connection
    A good TV commercial seeks to emotionally connect with potential customers. It uses words and imagery that evokes feelings in the mind of it’s audience so that they can be geared to take action.
  3. Limited information
    A good TV commercial doesn’t just cram words and information about a product, service or event. Too much information in a TV ad can confuse viewers and so information on a TV ad is limited. Running a TV commercial can be quite expensive, and so every second of it must count. It is best to center a commercial on one or two major points about the product so that it can stick in the mind of potential consumers.
  4. Relatable Characters
    A good TV commercial should contain characters that the audiences can connect and relate to. Situations that viewers can identify with should be captured in the commercial for it to be effective.
  5. Captivating Story line
    Tv ads seeks to tell a story and not just disseminate information about a product or service. Stories are woven around products to enable them appeal to viewers and also captures their attention. People generally love stories because they are able to relate to them, therefore, your TV commercial must tell a story to your viewers.
  6. Memorable
    For your TV commercial to stand out from others and achieve it’s purpose, it must be able to stick to the mind of viewers long after they’ve watched it. It should be interesting and captivating to the extent that viewers find it memorable and can relive the experience or tell it to others. It should be done in a way that impresses the mind of potential consumers.
  7. Humor
    Humor is an ingredient that appeals to viewers and it’s presense in a TV commercial works well. People generally remember things and events that made them laugh and feel good. And if your TV advert contains some element of humor, then viewers won’t forget it easily.
  8. Call to Action (CTA)
    The major aim of a TV commercial is to prompt viewers to take a particular action and every good TV commercial must contain a Call to action. Your CTA should be simple, direct and specific. For example, it could be something like Register for this event today, Call Our Helpline number now, or buy our product today.
  9. Building and promoting positive brand image
    A TV commercial combines different element to build a positive brand image. You must ensure that your TV ad only contains positive points, and not anything that can communicate distrust, hatred, confusion, or negativity in anyway. From the background music selected, to the words and talent or celebrity features in your TV commercial, everything must work together to build and promote a positive image for your brand.
  10. Professional Delivery
    Un-professionalism waters down the impact of a TV ad. In fact, it results in a direct negative response. Ensure your commercial is done professionally and meets the standards of the industry. That way, it will not only appeal to viewers but also attract new customers to your business.

Television has become the go to medium for organisations, brands, people and events to sell themselves to the world. And a TV commercial when produced with the above elements in mind, will fulfill it’s purpose and more.

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