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Help, I’m out of contents for my show. What can I do?

Does that describes you? I bet that isn’t a place anyone wants to be. Running into a content block can and does happen from time to time, and that’s why it’s best to plan your content for a long time ahead.

  1. Decide what kind of content you want to create.
    You can’t just put out every kind of content there is on your internet radio station. There is need to decide at the beginning what kind of content you wish to put out. Imagine the kind of listeners you desire to have, and tailor your content to meet their need.
  2. Create a Content schedule.
    You shouldn’t be disorganized when putting out content on your internet radio station. Once you’ve decided the kind of content you want to put out to your listeners, then you need to have a schedule for it. Your schedule should cover a month ahead at least, so you don’t run out of content to broadcast all of a sudden.
  3. Take live callers
    Using live callers can be a fantastic source of content for your radio show.
    Chatting with callers eliminates the need to work hard on creating 24/7 content for your radio station. With live callers, you can have a break and also provide entertainment to your audience.
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  4. Bring guests on your station.
    You don’t have to do it alone. From time to time, you can feature guests on your shows. This gives you a break, and also captures the attention of your listeners. You can bring in an expert to talk about health or relationship issues, and can also interview celebrities or people of interest in the society.
  5. Host Reviews.
    Reviewing a book or movie is another great source of content for your online radio station. You can make a plan to have your review once or twice a week, and then stick to it. Reviews, when done right, are not only entertaining but educative, and they serve as a way to attract new audience to your online radio station.
  6. Cover events, festivals and anything of interest in your community.
    This is another great way to keep your listeners busy and entertained. Cover events in your community, from games to charitable events.
  7. Get your Listeners to participate.
    Listeners can be a great source of content for your online radio station when they’re moved from being passive to active.
    Host quizzes, debates, awards, competitions and other stuff that can translate your audience from being passive to active listeners. Give prizes to encourage listeners to participate and make them look forward to the next give away.
  8. Practice Friends & Disc jockeys (DJ) takeovers.
    When your unavailable for a live broadcast, you can invite your friends and DJs to takeover your broadcasts. You can even give them a regular spot on your station if they have great content your audience likes. This will give you time to work on something else.

Finally, as great as running your online radio station is, you can get stump once in a while wondering what content to put out. Have a plan and stick to it, and you wouldn’t have to be worried about running out of contents for your internet radio station.

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