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Have you ever had to face a camera and you suddenly feel anxious, sweaty or nervous? Well, that happens sometimes, especially if you’re new to talking, acting or singing in front of a camera or live streaming.
Most people don’t have a problem doing a voice recording, but they start feeling uncomfortable if they have to face a camera. This situation is not uncommon, and being nervous or camera shy is something that can be overcome.
And in this article, we’ll share some tips on how you can become more confident on camera.

  1. Prepare ahead
    Confidence on camera goes hand in hand with adequate preparation. When you are adequately prepared in terms of what to do and say, it automatically helps you relax and instills confidence into you. And a surefire way to get adequately prepared for facing the camera is by getting familiar with your script. Whether you are about to live stream or feature in a TV production, knowing your script like the back of your hand will help you feel confident when you actually face the camera.
  2. Practice in front of a mirror
    Take some time to practice in front of a mirror before you have to face the camera.
    By doing this, you get to see firsthand your body language and how you’ll look
    in front of the camera. This will give you the opportunity to adjust your body posture, body language, word pronunciations, and help you build your confidence for when you actually face the camera.
  3. Look directly into the camera
    Looking directly at the camera is key to becoming confident on camera.
    It is important to make eye contact and keep your eyes focused on the camera when talking, singing or acting.
    Looking into your camera helps you bond with your viewers because it makes them feel connected to you.
    Make sure you’re looking directly into the camera, and not sideways or at your feet.
  4. Smile
    Don’t be too serious. Smiling while speaking into the camera can boost your mood and make you sound more friendly. Smiling is a simple action but it is effective in endearing your viewers to you. And to top it up, you might just get your viewers smiling too because smiling can be infectious
  5. Right Body language
    Take time to observe the way your body communicates and adjust if need be.
    Keep your body relaxed and don’t slouch when sitting. Sit upright and don’t cross your arms.
  6. Dress well
    When you’re about to go in front of the camera, it is of utmost importance to dress well. Good dressing endears your audience to you and makes you feel more confident. In dressing well for the camera, it is important to take note of the following.
  • Be aware of proper color combination.
  • Not all colors go together. Wear colors that complement each other.
  • Be comfortable in your outfit. Don’t wear something too tight.
  • Avoid bold patterns or striped shirt. This might shake on camera and have a distracting effect on your viewers.                                                                                  – Do not wear a shirt the color of your video background.                                        – Wear moderate make up and jewelry.                                                                        – Keep your hair away from your face
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7. Speak slowly and clearly
Don’t rush when speaking. Let your words come out clear, and be mindful of how you pronounce words.
Be loud enough, but don’t scream.

8. The wonder of deep breaths
Taking deep breaths helps you relax you relax your nerves in from of your audience or when facing the camera. It helps you release tension and makes you look more confident on camera.

9. Get rid of distractions
Distractions while in front of the camera is a sure ticket to falling in your face. You tend to forget your lines, lose track of what you are saying or mess up because your mind is divided.
Ensure you get rid of everything that can distract you. Don’t reply an email when you are in front of a camera during a live stream. Limit background noise so you can fully concentrate on being at your best.


10. Proper lighting
Proper lighting helps you look your best when you’re recording a video. And that will make you feel more confident. Ensure you invest in your lighting as you don’t want to look sloppy to your audience. Get flash stands, selfie lights, ring lights and any other kind of light that helps you look amazing on camera.

Getting in front of a camera doesn’t have to be difficult. And diligent practice of the tips above will help you have that confidence you’ve always wanted.


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