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We live in a world that has been permanently altered with the discovery of technology. Technology has changed and immensely improved the way we communicate, and the church sphere is not an exception.



Here are ten reasons why you should consider having and running an online radio station for your church..

  1. Wider reach
    You desire to reach more people with the gospel message and you’re wondering how to get it done, internet radio is the answer you’ve been looking for.
    Having an online radio station for your church means that people who previously aren’t aware of you can now find you and get to connect with your messages, services and programs.
    And what could be better than that?
  2. It is inexpensive.
    Online radio broadcasting presents a cheaper way to ‘go into the world and preach the gospel to all men.”
    Online radio broadcasting eliminates the need for expensive gadget and a proper studio. With a computer and a good internet access you are good to go.
    To learn more about equipment needed to start an online radio station, check out
  3. It’s helps you reach those who are home-bound.
    Some people who desire to be part of a church cannot attend physical worship services due to certain circumstances beyond their control, such as disability sickness, or travel. And as a result, such people have been left out of the church fellowship. But not anymore.
    Owning an online radio station brings your message to these people right where they are, and you want that, don’t you?
  4. Avenue to raise awareness for Events, Programs, Fundraisers, etc.
    Looking for a way to promote special events, seminar, concerts, book launch, lectures or fundraising for the needy, then your online radio station is the go to place for that. With an online radio station, you get to raise awareness to your community about special events, local businesses, and whatever is happening in your church and ministry.
  5. Build an online Community
    It is good news that more than half the world now has access to the internet. And with online radio you can reach them and grow your online Community. Online radio not only help you connect but also strengthens your relationship with followers.
  6. Accept financial support from your online community
    Because of the wider reach of online radio, people can send in funds and donations to your church to grow your ministry, and charities. With internet radio, you get to connect with sponsors and partners from all over the world.
    to support your good work.
  7. Permanent archive
    Sermons, seminars and lectures can be recorded and made available to your online Community using automated broadcasting. Past events and sermons can be shared for as long as necessary to your audience via your online radio station.
  8. Engaged your followers and supporters.
    Owning and running your church online radio station gives you the avenue to receive prayer requests, discuss issues, take live callers, and engage the participation of your online church community.
  9. Very Easy to set up.
    Online Radio is very easy to set up when compared to terrestrial radio.
    You don’t need to be a techie to run your online radio station, so there’s no need to be afraid or worried.
    You can schedule your contents for when you aren’t available for a live broadcast.
    Plus, at, our support team is available to help you at every single step of the way.
  10. No limitations, no boundaries.
    With an online radio station, you get to bypass limitations such as signal difficulties and break in transmission, while reaching the whole world at the same time. Now, doesn’t that sound really cool?

Starting your own church online radio station has never been easier. CLICK HERE to begin.
Free demo available on request.



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