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Professional Compere
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A compere is a person who introduces performers or participants in a radio or television show. He or she is a master of ceremonies, especially for a TV, variety, quiz or live show.
A compere plays the role of conducting a discussion programme on radio or television. He is an anchor person, who directs a programme in order to ensure it meets it goals.
In broadcasting, a compere depicts a professional who moderate programmes, such as talk shows and panel discussions. And it is of utmost importance that a broadcasting compere possesses the following qualities.


  1. Knowledgeable
    A good compere must have the latest knowledge on the subject matter. This knowledge should transcend that of basic terminologies, and should extend to the latest development going on in the field of discussion.
    For example, if the programme is on music, a mere knowledge of music will not suffice. The compere needs to know the latest singers, tracks, albums, instruments, re-mixes, etc.
    The compere should research topics and background information for items to be featured on the programme, so he can be adequately armed with the requisite knowledge.
  2. Courteous
    The compere should be courteous in discharging his responsibilities. He must not be rude or impolite. He must have an easy going manner that endears the heart of both listeners and viewers. He must display good manners and etiquette.
    A compere should not humiliate a participant of the programme he is compering, and he should also ensure that no participant does the same to another.
  3. People Management Skill
    Sometimes, a panel discussion programme can become an heated debate, especially in a situation where the discussants are very opinionated. It then becomes the responsibility of the compere to manage the situation so it doesn’t go out if hand.
    The compere therefore, must possess skills to manage both people and conflict situations. He or she will need to cool down matters in the event of a conflict, so that the programme does not leave a bad taste in the mouth to the listeners.
  4. Objective
    A compere should not be prejudice in any way. He must be free of any judgement or opinion formed beforehand without adequate knowledge of the facts relating to the subject of discussion. He should be neutral and have an objective approach to issues being discussed. A compere should not take sides so it doesn’t result in ill-feeling or offense to an interest group.
    He must be completely devoid of bias.
  5. Creative
    A compere must be able to come up with new ideas on the spur of the moment. He must not be boring, and he must not sound or act as if he’s reading a script from his head. He must be creative in his words and actions and relate well with his audience.
    Sometimes, a compere might forget part of his script and when this happens, he needs to be creative so the  programme doesn’t flop in his hands.
  6. Focused
    Some programmes can quickly lose their focus and spiral down a deadly path, if argument is given a free hand.
    And it takes a Compere who is focused to keep it on a track. He should not lose control over the programme to a dominate participant or discussant.
  7. Humor
    A Compere should not be too serious all the time. He must have a sense of humor and be able to inject fun into the programme. But care should be taken by the compere not to say demeaning words or offensive comments in an effort to be funny. Humor should be kept light and short.
  8. Confidence
    A Compere must always exude confidence. This confidence should be evident in his or her tone of voice and body language. This is not to say that a compere should sound bratty or rude, as this is a big turn off. Confidence must be combined with politeness to make a good impression in the heart of both viewers and listeners.
  9. Presence of Mind
    A Compere should always be in the moment. He should be disciplined in his mind so he doesn’t forget he is on stage and start thinking about something else. He should be mentally present throughout the duration of the programme he or she is compering.
  10. Time management skill
    A Compere should be conscious of the time and always adhere to time. He should follow the programme plan and should not deviate. He should control all proceedings of the programme to ensure it keeps to time.

A compere determines the success of a TV or radio programme, and can decide if viewers and listeners will continue to tune in or not. Possessing and improving on the  qualities listed above will make you an excellent and highly sought after compere.

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