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Inspiration can be a tricky thing in that you can feel it rush on you one day and then feel so dry the next. Songwriter’s, like other writers can sometimes experience writer’s block. And this can be very frustrating for a songwriter if and when it happens. In his article, we’ll be looking at ten tips to help you find inspiration for your songwriting.


  1. Don’t wait for inspiration to arrive, go get it yourself.
    Sometimes you’ll need to push yourself to get the inspiration you need to write your next song. Waiting for inspiration to drop on you like ripe cherries does happens, but you might just end up waiting for a very long time, or worse, you might just have to wait forever. Push yourself, go to places that evokes feelings in you. Go to the beach if you need to or take a jog down your favorite trail. Listen to music if it helps you or go to a really quiet place. Whatever brings inspiration to you, do it. Surround yourself with images, sounds, people and an environment that naturally inspires you and you’ll get to writing in no time.
    The point is to seek out inspiration and not wait for it to find you.
  2. Seize the Dawn
    The early hours if the day is a very wonderful time to get inspiration for your song writing. This time of the day gets the least disturbance and you are in a relaxed state, and free of stress. The day is fresh and the mind is open to a world of new possibilities. The dawn is a good time to write that song you’ve always dreamed about. Don’t waste it.
  3. Write whatever comes into your heart
    Don’t wait for a perfect circumstances, perfect environment or for special moments before you begin to write. Most times, words just drop into your heart while your going about your normal daily activities and the best thing to do is to capture them immediately. Always have a pen and a notepad with you and write than whatever comes into your heart. You’ll be surprised by what you’ve written.
  4. Cultivate a daily writing culture
    Song composition is a skill that needs to be worked on from time to time no matter the innate talent one might possess. And a great way to do this is to develop and implement the culture of always writing daily. Have a journal where you write daily. It doesn’t have to be a whole song per day, it might just be a verse, a chorus or a line that comes to you. But once this habit is formed, it would be easy to follow.
  5. Come up with a theme for your song
    You need to have a basic theme for your song, that is, you need to know what subject or message you want your song to be about. Is the central theme of your song going to be about finding love, new hopes or is it going to speak against violence or corruption? It’s easier to write when you have an idea of what you’re writing about. Once you have a theme in mind, words would begin to flow to your heart about it. And before you know it, you’ve got a song ready for the world.
  6. Get started with melody
    Sometimes, writing down the lyrics of your song doesn’t come easily. And something you can do to find inspiration is to get the melody of your song first. If you play the piano or guitar, then get on it find a chord progression you’ll like your song to have. And before you know it, the lyrics can start flowing out of your mouth the moment you begin to string that guitar.
  7. Remember, your song doesn’t have to rhyme
    While you might want all the lines of your chorus or verse to rhyme, it really doesn’t have to. Remember, it’s a song and not a poem. Don’t get stuck looking for the next right words to rhyme in your song. Just flow with whatever drops to your heart and mouth at the time, and you can arrange it later.
  8. Be happy and stress-free
    A person’s state of mind per time determines the kind of results he can deliver. When a person is happy, inspiration for song writing comes easily than when a person is sad or depressed. Your mood and emotions can even taint your inspiration and gives it a different message than you originally intended.
  9. Art is a great help
    Get exposed to art to fuel your mind and help you find inspiration for your next song. Listen to music, visit art galleries and museums, nature parks, watch movies, read poetry and literature to expand your vocabulary and inspire you. You’ll be surprised at how much this helps.
  10. Write about your feelings
    Pick an interesting event in your life and write about it. Describe how and what you felt at that emotionally charged moment and you’re on your way to a great song. You can also write about anything that happened to or around you that really touched your heart, including the not so happy stuff like a breakup or losing somebody you love.
    Capture your feelings with words and go back to read them. Who knows? You might just have the next hit song on your hands.

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