Mussic production Nov 25, 2021

Music production is an interesting craft that requires diligence, skill and time input to make the end product come out as good music.
It is the process of making music and it involves an equal mix of creativity and technical skill.
In recent times, a lot of people have began producing their own music themselves, right from their home studios or basements for several reasons ranging from a tight budget, desire to gain experience, or simply the for the adventure.
This article aims to walk you through the various steps involved in music production and help you learn how to manage them.

    This is the process of developing the core elements of a song. Here, you experiment with various ideas and pen down the lyrics of your song. This is the stage where a choice is made as regarding the song style, genre, melody, rhythm, harmony, vibe, song key, verse, bridge and chorus.
    Song composition is where a singer takes out his notebook and begins to write. He can accompanied his writing with a guitar or any other instrument that gives him inspiration.
    This is the next step after song composition. Arrangement refers to the art of assembling the song structure, and deciding which instruments is best for your song.
    Here you check the harmonic structure of your song to ensure all elements put into your song sound good together and don't clash with one another. This is where you look into the combination of different parts (Suprano, Alto and Tenor Parts), and decide if a modulation of key makes your song sound better or not. It entails development of intro, outro, tension and release.
    The arrangement phase aims to ensure that your song has a meaningful sense of flow and do not sound disjointed. It aims to arrange elements into your song in a way that sounds appealing to listeners.
    This is the stage where each instrument is recorded separately. It is most times referred to as multi tracking. Here, each instrument is recorded independently of the others, and it makes the tracking process easier. The rhythm is recorded first to provide a foundation for other instruments. And then the harmonies come next such as the piano, synths, horns, guitars, etc. A basic chord progression should be put in place here as base for the song.
    This is the stage where you clean up every mistake in your recording.
    Noises such as breaths, amp hissing, chair squeaks, footsteps, rumbling sounds and background voices are detected and removed. It is also the time to fix off-beats and apply creative effects such as delay, chorus, saturation, reverb, etc.
    It's the time to adjust pitches and polish your track to make it sound pleasing to the ear. But the rule is this. Don't over do it so you don't lose the main feel of your song.
    Also, there's the option of digital editing too to help you with this stage.
    Mixing is a technical aspect of music production that requires knowledge and practice. It is something one gets better in daily, and it involves combining several layers of audio to make one final track.
    The mixing phase includes adding various effects, editing sounds, equalizing, balancing levels, compressing, panning sounds,harmonics enhancing and instruments mixing.
    The aim of mixing is to ensure balance in the final output. It makes your song blend into one, and helps you hear all the instruments clearly.
    And there are several mixing techniques and tools available for use here.
    This is the final step in the music production process. It’s involves taking an audio mix or album and preparing it for distribution.
    Sometimes, musicians produce different tracks in different studios, and when all these tracks are put together in an album, it can sound disjointed.
    Mastery then comes in as a post-production process which brings several tracks together and align them into a single album in a way that is smooth and pleasing to the ear.
    Mastering is important if you desire  professional recording and you might want to contract this to an expert engineer.

Producing good music doesn't just happen by accident. It takes conscious efforts and skills to make it come out great.

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