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Live streaming has become so popular that many brands have quicky embraced it for its many benefits. And storytelling is the best way to live stream. Brands now use live streaming to sell their products and reach a wider number of audience than before, and to get the maximum benefits of live streaming, it is of autmost importance to employ the medium of storytelling.



As an individual, organization or brand, do you aim to connect with your audience, viewers and customers? Or do you have a product to sell? Then tell a story about it.
Don’t just create a live video spouting off facts about your products. That won’t sell, it won’t convince buyers one bit. They’ll quickly tune out of your live stream, concluding you’re some bug coming after their pockets.
There’s a better way to get buyer’s attention and stimulate their interest, and that method is storytelling.
But first, what is Storytelling?
Storytelling refers to the act and skills of presenting stories to an audience. It denotes sharing and interpreting an experience to others.
And in this article, we’ll be covering some benefits of using the element of storytelling in live streaming.

  1. Interest
    Stories appeal to people and gets them interested in what you are saying. People tend to listen more when you’re telling a story than when your live stream is made up of dry facts and figures. Stories are known to spark the interest and engage the imagination of people. And you can be sure that by using the technique of storytelling during a live stream, your viewers will definitely stick to the end. Everyone loves a happy ending, right?
  2. Helps your audience retain information
    People generally remember stories more than facts and figures. The brain retains more information from stories than from data or statistics.
    People tend to remember stories long after they hear them, and that is because their memory of stories involves feelings and experiences.
  3. Evokes Positive Emotions
    Stories evoke feelings in people. It awakens their emotions in a way that mere facts cannot do. It connects with the human heart, and releases feelings that influences their relationship with your brand.
  4. Leads to Action
    Storytelling combined with the eye catching feature of video live streaming, leads fans, viewers and potential consumers to take action as regards your story. It acts as a push to take an action which could be subscribing to your channel, buying your product, or any other action you desire them to take.
  5. Builds loyalty
    When viewers get hook to your story, they become loyal fans and buyers who keep on coming back for more.

How to use Storytelling in Live streaming


  • Craft a good story
    Dry stories don’t sell. In using the medium of storytelling, you have to employ your creative juices to craft a good story that will capture the attention of your viewers.
  • Be authentic
    Ensure your story is authentic before sharing it. Be sure everything happened the way you are presenting it. Not only should the facts of your story be authentic, but your emotions should be authentic as well. Over-exaggeration and pretense is a big turn off and you should avoid them like a plague.
  • Make use of good visuals and colors
    Good visuals act as a compliment to a good story. Bad visuals and scattered colors are a big turn off and no matter how great your story is, people are likely to tune out your live stream even before they hear it.
  • Select a good background sound or music
    Your storytelling live stream should be accompanied with good music and sound effects. Select a music that is in sync with the emotions your story aims to project.

Storytelling is the way to make viewers connect with your live stream and inspire them to take action. It makes your brand comes out more humane to viewers and sticks to the heart of people. Ensure you tell a fun, touching and inspiring story with your live stream
and your audience will love you for it.

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