What is Online Radio and How does it work?

Getting Started Mar 17, 2021

In the current age of content marketing being the hot cake, to helping brands and businesses build traffic and sales. This for most brands, might simply mean blog posts, ebooks, infographics and lot more. But not to go unnoticed is the ONLINE RADIO avenue. Online radio, a form of content marketing you ask? yes, let's get to know what it's all about.


Online Radio simply means broadcasting or listening to a radio station via the internet. The radio station is not transmitted through AM or FM but streamed via the internet. This means that your device for broadcasting or listening must be connected to the internet either through mobile data or Wi-Fi.

There are three elements 2 having a workable online radio:

1. The source (you): this means you're content like adding music clips pre-recorded MP3 files talks and lots more.

2. The server: every online radio need a streaming server to go life making it accessible for listeners. Server like socastin.com offers free online radio setup with streaming server at affordable subscription plans.

3. The listeners: There would be no need for a broadcast without listeners. These are those on the receiving end of the online radio, those who are to be reached to achieve the goals /objectives of the online radio.


Let's take a look at some study reports on why online radio is the best for content marketing and brand promotion.

1. Listen anywhere: unlike the regular radio station, online radio can be listen to anywhere and at any time. All that is needed is just a device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, with internet connection. Your listeners get to listen to you wherever they are, not restricted by geographical location like the regular radio station.

2. Less data consumption: your listeners get to consume little or less data when streaming your online radio as compared to online videos. Streaming can be done via mobile data.

3. Sound quality: your listeners can be rest assured that the sound quality they'll be getting is 100%. Sounds on online radio are less affected by tuning problems or transmission issues. The sound quality can easily be adjusted by the Host unlike the regular radio channels.

4. Accessibility: it is quite easy to access online radio channels as compared to the regular radio channels. Online radio channels are accessed just by clicking the online radio's web link.


Unlike the regular radio stations, on which the advertisements need a host and jingles, online radio stations opens up space for visual ads, like banners. Weather forecast may be seen at all times, there is no need for the host to announce that information. Other opportunities can be extracted when we are referring to an online radio station, since it’s possible to set up specific program directed to a specific target audience. Not only does the online radio allow broadcasting interviews with famous people, experts and other professionals, along with music files as in the famous flashback, but the listener is also free to access any content at any time through the podcast system.

The lower cost and and possibility of fitting the most different needs make it an important tool for brands and organizations, so they fit in with the time, aside from opening windows of opportunity for increased profit.

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